Pukalani Superette

Pukalani Superette - 66 Years Of Easy-Does-It Eats
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4 / 5
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The Pukalani Superette is a family-owned market in upcountry Makawao selling hot food, local produce, and a variety of goods and groceries to an eclectic mix of customers. This store has been locally owned and operated for nearly 70 years, and is perfect for visiting tourists and local homeowners alike. Grab some of their famous chili chicken, swipe a hot bento lunch, or pick up a Lokelani gift box for a special person in your life.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Located in the upcountry part of Maui, the Pukalani Superette is a neighborhood market that’s rich in history. Just miles away from Haleakala Highway and Makawao Avenue, this family-owned and operated enterprise was started by Japanese issei nearly three-quarters of a century ago. Current store owners Aric and Myles Nakashima do everything in their power to ensure the Pukalani Superette is a perfect local dive for groceries, ingredients, convenience goods, and more.

Maui locals often shorten the same of this quaint superstore to “Puk Sup,” relying on it for hot food, sweet drinks, and last-minute items that make snacking a breeze. Visitors enjoy both a hot and cold bar filled with a variety of meals, from Lau Lau to Tako Poke. Desiring to meet the needs of every customer, the store also offers a mix of upscale groceries for customers. Specialty desserts, coffee beans, and even light bulbs can be found amongst the aisles.

Above all else, the Pukalani Superette prides itself on being accessible, local, and affordable. The entire store is roughly the size of a large house, making it easy to navigate for brand-new visitors. A grocery store pickup system is great for those looking to get in and out as quickly as possible. An online store lets customers order additional goodies on the fly. For health-minded customers, it’s important to note that the store’s organic and natural foods section continues to grow.

One of the best parts about visiting the Pukalani Superette is its incredible selection of food and drink. As one of the last mom and pop stores in Upcountry, store owners are truly passionate about treating their customers and visitors with the highest degree of service possible. Their meals infuse the incredible flavors of traditional Japanese cooking with the luxurious, identifiable ingredients of the Hawaiian coast.

A few of our favorite meals to eat at the ‘Puk Sup’ include:

Chili Chicken 
This melt-in-your-mouth meal will have everyone begging for more, bathed in a sweet and tangy sauce that comes straight from the store’s national heritage.

Breaded Pork Teriyaki 
Enjoy a classic favorite in a whole new way, with crispy pork fried to perfection.

Lomi Lomi Salmon
Try Hawaiian seafood with a twist, complemented by delicious kimchi or ahi poke to complete the meal.

Hot Bento Boxes
Hit all the right flavors in a single bite with char siu and rice, chow fun, and mein style noodles.

Spicy Ahi Bombs
Perfect for a day on the beach, pick up a box of seafood that complements sunny skies and gentle waves.

Homemade Meatloaf 
Hunting for flavors just like momma used to make? The Puk Sup’s homemade meatloaf is incredibly juicy and packed full of delicious gravy (which the locals just can’t get enough of).

Cold Food Selections
Grab and go a meal for later, all freshly packaged and ready to eat! Options are available for single, couple, and family-style dinners.

No matter why you’re visiting the upcountry of Maui, find the flavors your taste buds are craving at the Pukalani Superette!

Insider Tips:
-If you’re in the mood to party Hawaiian style, Pukalani Superette does offer a plethora of catering choices! Be advised that there’s a 25-person minimum to order bulk food at full capacity.
-There’s no seating inside the “Puk Sup,” but feel free to take advantage of some nearby parks, including the fabulous Makawao Forest Reserve.
-Special dietary restrictions? A section of gluten-free desserts is available to customers with unique needs.