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Learn The Art of Surfing at Local Pros Maui
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Learn how to surf for the first time or hone your existing skill with Local Pros Maui. All company instructors are Maui natives, and the Lahanina, HI, surfing school offers private one-on-one sessions or small private group lessons ensuring you get the individualized attention you need to learn the skill well and enjoy a day on the water. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Local Pros Maui, in Lahaina, HI, is the go-to location for learning the art of surfing. Backed by the owner and instructor Kevin Sullivan’s immense skill, no matter your previous skill level, you can learn how to surf, and do so in an amazing setting in picturesque Hawaii. Owner Kevin Sullivan’s background is world-class as he has been on the WSL World Tour since 2009. When not touring, he shares his passion for the sport of surfing with others by proudly offering lessons in both Lahaina and Kaanapali since 2003. Kevin, along with all other Local Pros Maui instructors are from Maui, meaning they have a unique understanding and knowledge of the water’s swells, the tides, winds, and the aloha spirit. 

In addition to the instructors’ background being brilliant and amazing, this company also utilizes some of the very best surfboards on the market. Each board is specifically designed to ease your way into surfing, helping you improve faster. Lessons are also private, which means you get more individual attention when learning the sport. In fact, this too will help you pick up on the art quicker than you might in a group setting where you aren’t getting individualized attention. 

All surf lesson packages include the use of surf shoes, rash guards, and surfboard in addition to expert instruction. Even though the process is fun, Local Pros Maui ensures the safety of all students is of paramount importance. This means that although students are encouraged to advance to higher skill levels, this is never done to the detriment of a students’ safety. Thankfully, the instructors are able to determine what a student can safely handle. Therefore, you can trust that a Local Pros Maui instructor will keep you safe throughout the entire process. 

Local Pros Maui happily instructs all ages of individuals. If a child is too small to surf alone, per the instructors’ opinion, then they can ride tandem with an instructor. All lessons begin with a 15 to the 30-minute land lesson when proper techniques of surfing from paddling to catching your first wave! Private one-on-one lessons are obviously available. However, if you prefer private group lessons, you can opt for a semi-private lesson for two, three, or four or more in private groupings. Advanced lessons can be given to those who have been trained in surfing before. Contact Local Pros Maui for individual pricing for these advanced classes. All lessons last 1.5 hours. 

Don’t worry about taking photographs during your lesson because Local Pros Maui offers affordable professional photography in full or high resolution. Photos are taken by staff photographer Hannah Erickson and her team of talented photographers. There is no need to worry about your phone or holding onto your phone or a camera while trying to pick up the skill of surfing. The Local Pros Maui photographer team ensures that every moment of your experience is captured from your on-shore instruction to hitting the waves. In addition to surfing lessons and instruction, Local Pros Maui also offers Stand-up Paddle Lessons. These relaxing, casual lessons come with the use of paddleboards, paddles, and any equipment you need to enjoy the day on the water. 

There is nowhere in the world that is a more ideal setting for surfing than the beautiful island of Hawaii, and then surfing itself is an exhilarating experience that is a challenging yet fun adventure. Of course, if surfing is a bit more than you would like to try on a relaxing vacation, then try stand-up paddling. Either way, Local Pros Maui is the place to learn a fun skill and try a neat sport that is rewarding and thrilling.  

Insider Tips:
-The beautiful views along with the marine life all around you, from sea turtles to whales, make the surfing experience that much more exhilarating. 
-Although you can bet you will be able to stand up at least once, some of the most fun are the wipeouts, so don’t worry if your skill level isn’t where you want it to be. 
-Reviewers have claimed that their lessons from Local Pros Maui were the best part of their entire trip.