Miso Phat Sushi

Miso Phat Sushi Bar - The Freshest Fish In Maui
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4.5 / 5
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Miso Phat Sushi Bar is located right in the heart of South Kihelis on Kihei’s Road and offers the freshest sushi in Maui. Dine-in or take out. Due to Maui County mandates, you will be required to show proof of vaccination or a negative covid-19 test to dine in.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

If you’re looking for a place in Maui that has the best sushi the islands has to offer, then you should head over to Miso Phat Sushi. Located right in the heart of South Kihelis on Kihei’s Road, this little restaurant offers larger-than-life fresh flavors like no other in the world. Dont’ miss it. It’s nestled in the middle of a strip mall.  Everyone who works there is happy, welcoming, and does a fantastic job at explaining the extensive menu. The fish tastes so fresh and the flavor combinations are so balanced, it will leave you wanting more. You simply have to visit more than one time. It’s that good.

Ask your server about Miso Phat’s story, It’s fascinating and helps you understand why this is the number one spot for sushi. The Miso Phat owners are so committed to serving the freshest fish to their customers, they go out on their very own fishing boat, affectionately named Shiso Phat. They fish, oh, yes they do, and take their catches of the day back to Miso Phat sushi bar. Everything they create is like culinary magic. You’ll see! It shows in the way it looks, the way it’s prepared, the way it tastes…everything superb. Every detail right down to the way they plate their masterpieces is impressive. Take a picture before you take a bite. It might inspire you to start your own sushi bar…or maybe a foodie blog? Share it on your social media pages for starters. Your followers will be very envious. 

Miso Phat Sushi Bar has so many fans, Food Network celebrity and foodie host of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, Guy Fieri and his crew featured Miso Phat on one of their episodes. Guy loved the miso phat poke and said, “It’s so fresh it’s almost jumping into my mouth,” If you want to check it out, the recipe is featured for everyone to see on the Foodnetwork.com website. It’s like an explosion of flavors featuring a deeply sweet and soy sauce combo, with a crunchy shrimp tempura mixed with sweet crab meat. The Unagi sauce and agave nectar adds a sweet dimension of flavor too.

If the miso phat poke isn’t your thing, try one of the many other rolls combos on the menu. Check out the eight-piece specialty rolls. The names will make you smile. Watch out for the 007 roll. It combines spicy tuna with shrimp and avocado topped with Unagi sauce and sesame seeds. The 69 Roll has that Unagi sauce too. You might want to reconsider that one if you are on a first date, or not! Try a glass of saki… the perfect drink for your Miso Phat experience. 

Specialty Roll  Menu

  • Miso Phat Roll
  • TNT Roll (Miso the Bomb)
  • Rainbow Roll (Miso Pretty)
  • 007 Roll (Miso Secretive)
  • 69 Roll (Miso Horny)
  • Caterpillar Roll (Miso Butterfly)
  • Joy Roll (Miso Happy)
  • Local Roll (Miso Local) 
  • Alaskan Roll (Miso Polar) 
  • Spider Roll (Miso Scary) 
  • Tempura Roll (Miso Crunchy)

The Specialty Rolls are just the beginning of what you will experience. They have baked rolls, Chef Specials Sashimi, Vegetarian rolls, Nigiri Sushi, Hosomaki, Temaki, and a kids’ menu too! Each item is specially priced and is served with rice and a drink. Your little ones will feel so sushi special.

One thing about this popular Kieli hot spot. It’s small and it fills up quickly. Don’t let the dining area fool you. It’s small, but the tables are spaced far enough apart you don’t feel cramped. You can also order take-out if you are on the go. One last thought. Order the lilikoi ice cream, a tangy frozen treat made from Hawaiian passion fruit. Another Miso Phat standout.

Insider Tip:
Miso Phat Happy Hour is between 3 pm and 5 pm daily. Enjoy 15 percent off all food, $1 off all beer and wine by the glass, and  $2 off bottles of Sake and Wine. Kids menu is available and includes rice and a drink.