Leilani Farm Sanctuary

A Life-Changing Experience at Leilani Farm Sanctuary
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5.0 / 5
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If you want to experience something truly unique, something that is purposeful beyond mere entertainment, a visit to the Leilani Farm Sanctuary is worth adding to your vacation itinerary. This purposeful farm set among a beautiful island backdrop provides a home to hundreds of rescued animals. You as a guest can meet these friendly animals and learn more about their stories. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Leilani Farm Sanctuary, located in Haiku, Maui, is an 8-acre farm and a non-profit organization that was created to provide shelter and care for rescued animals. This unique piece of rolling land features breathtaking natural beauty that reflects the inner beauty of the volunteers who work tirelessly to give these animals a better life. 

Guests aged seven and up can book a personalized tour that will introduce them to all the animals that call the farm home. As a guest, you will also learn the story behind why each and every animal was in need of rescue by Leilani Farm. This experience is unforgettable as it shares the details of how these animals that now reside in their own sheltered harmony on an island paradise were once rescued from callous hunters and slaughter.

During your tour, you can kiss a donkey, feed guinea pigs and bunnies, cuddle a chicken, frolic with goats and even experience the soulful brown eyes of the resident cow. A visit to Leilani Farm Sanctuary is designed to do more than entertain. This isn’t simply one more activity to do when vacationing in Hawaii. Instead, it is an experience that will change lives and hearts. 

Reservations are required to enjoy a tour of Leilani Farm Sanctuary. The cost is $50 per guest, regardless of age. This is a tax-deductible donation and all proceeds go towards taking care of the many animal residents that call Leilani Farm home. This includes goats, rabbits, cats, donkeys, turkeys, guinea pigs, tortoises, pigs, geese, chickens, deer, ducks, pigs, a cow, and even a dog!

Another way to help support the continued work of Leilani Farm Sanctuary in addition to the farm tour is sponsoring one of the hundreds of animals that live on site. Anyone can pick a category of animal and then select their individual animal to sponsor. For example, on the website sponsorship area, you can look under the meet the cow section. This will take you to Dorthy who is the farm’s only cow. You can sponsor Dorthy who was slated for the slaughterhouse until she came to reside at Leilani Farm Sanctuary. You can then select if you would rather sponsor Dorthy monthly or yearly. There are sponsorship opportunities and needs for every animal that resides at Leilani Farm Sanctuary. 

In addition to visiting the farm via a tour and sponsoring an individual animal, you can also simply give a monetary donation towards the continued work of the farm. You can also read about the story behind Leilani Farm Sanctuary in the book Finding Paradise by Laurelee Blanchard. This book chronicles the unique journey farm-founder Laurelee Blanchard took to begin her nonprofit animal rescue. This inspiring story is truly unforgettable. 

You can help as well by giving towards the promised fund to continue the work of Leilani into the next generation as well as provide funds for the farm’s disaster preparedness. This ensures that the animals are provided for if their current food becomes unavailable due to a large-scale disaster. 

Guests who have visited the farm claim it was the highlight of their vacation. Another reviewer said the experience was something that she would never forget. It was described by another guest as being a Snow White-like experience, with all manner of wildlife able to roam unhindered on the property. The friendly animals are loved and well-cared for and are eager to make new friends. 

While the goodness of animals is unparalleled, so is the cruelty of the world towards these helpless beings. This unique experience showcases the wonder of animals and their need to live a peaceful life. Thankfully, through the continued work of Leilani Farm Sanctuary, they are given the gift of living out their lives in peace and love all in the beautiful backdrop of the islands.

Insider Tips:
-It is recommended that guests wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes, bug spray and sunscreen, and/or a hat when visiting the farm. 
-Arrive 15 minutes before your tour time to sign in. 
-Farm tours happen rain or shine.