Hoomana Spa Maui

Experience Ancient Hawaiian Healing at the Hoomana Spa Maui
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4 / 5
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The Hoomana Spa Maui proudly utilizes ancient Hawaiian teachings and techniques to promote healing, wellness, and mental clarity in all guests. Guests can choose from a wide array of spa experiences as well as rituals and enhancements, all created to encourage immense relaxation and rejuvenation. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Situated three miles up the Riiholo Road in Makawao is the Hoomana Spa Maui. This special spa embraces a long lineage of teachers, all of whom specialize in traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and related techniques. As a result, Hoomana Spa aims to revive, transform and heal their guests, all with the energy derived from Ancient Hawaiian wisdom. 

The Hoomana Spa Maui was begun by Native Hawaiian Jeana Iwalani Naluai and her loving husband Justin, who were both massage therapists. The earliest history of the spa actually existed right in the couple’s single-room house. Now, the modern-day Hoomana Spa Maui spans an entire property and includes four treatment rooms, native botanical gardens, two guesthouses, and even space for Lomi Lomi training. 

The overarching theme and goal of the Hooman Spa Maui is to help all guests further their journeys, discover their truest selves, and reawaken their souls. There are several spa services offered with this mission in mind available for guests, including the signature Lomi Lomi Massage, the Hawaiian Spa Rituals, and add-on enhancements.

The signature Lomi Lomi Massage can either be experienced in the duration of 50 or 80 minutes. Lomi Lomi is an ancient Hawaiian healing art that incorporates rhythmic movements, like long forearm strokes to soothe from light to deep, improving circulation and realigning the body. This signature massage also includes a Coconut Rosemary Scalp Treatment and a Hot Stone Foot Massage. There are other options for massages as well, including those that just focus on the hands and those that incorporate hot stones all over the body. 

The Hawaiian spa rituals are all steeped in ancient teachings and are designed to provide an authentic and powerful spa experience. For example, the Aloha Spa Ritual-Nurturing, with a duration of 2.5 hours, allows guests to sink into replenishing coconut milk and honey bath, which is followed up with a sugar Body Polish that leaves the skin rejuvenated and soft. These rituals are designed to be used in conjunction with the massages. Therefore, the ideal way to end an Aloha Spa Ritual-Nurturing is to have a Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage. There are other rituals for guests to choose from as well, all equally purposeful in design and relaxing in nature. 

The add-on enhancements are created to compliment any Lomi Lomi massage and are aimed at enriching the overall healing experience. For example, one featured enhancement is the Hawaiian Herbal Mini-Facial. This 25-minute experience cleanses, tones, exfoliates, and hydrates the skin. 

Guests are encouraged to create their own customized spa experience combining various massages, spa rituals, and enhancements. There are even special rates that provide a discount when guests purchase packages for a group or couple.  It’s worth noting that each service purchased from the Hooman Spa Maui includes access to the Hawaiian Aromatherapy Beauty Bar, which features house-made, signature body care products. 

While the experiences offered by the spa are relaxing and rejuvenating to be sure, they are all drawn from Hawaiian teachings designed to inspire physical, spiritual, and mental well-being. Therefore, guests will leave not feeling just relaxed, but transformed into a better version of themselves. They can even purchase house-made products to take back home with local ingredients that simply aren’t available everywhere in the world. This allows guests to take a bit of that Hawaiian spirit back with them, helping them remain centered, focused and offering them a renewed sense of purpose. 

Being in Hawaii is like setting foot in paradise already. However, add to that a visit to the Hoomana Spa Maui and guests will think they have crossed over into heaven itself. It’s obvious why this spa is considered the number one spa on TripAdvisor.

Insider Tips:
-The Hoomana Spa Maui features a boutique that offers a wide variety of natural healing products all handmade in small batches. These products include mists, body polish, body butter, and awa baths. 
-If guests are interested in learning the art and technique of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, the Hoomana Spa Maui even offers extensive training courses.