Calypso Molokini & Turtle Town Snorkel Tour – Enjoy Paradise to the Fullest While Out on the Ocean
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When you want to have fun in the sun while gazing upon the beauty of paradise, sign up for the Calypso Molokini & Turtle Town Snorkel Tour. On each tour, you’ll set out from Wailuku on their triple-decker catamaran to all the top snorkeling spots around Maui. They offer fun for all ages, including the little ones, plus capture photo after photo for you to cherish. 

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Are you looking for an ultra-fun way to check out all the most beautiful sights in paradise? If so, you need to book your spot with Calypso Molokini & Turtle Town Snorkel Tour. They’ll take you to all the top snorkeling spots in Maui, giving you a chance to gaze in awe at all the ocean wonders beneath the surface. They also offer whale-watching excursions and sunset dinner cruises to remember.

All their tours depart from the dock on Maalaea Harbor bright and early in the morning and again in the afternoon. For their morning tours, you’ll need to arrive at 6:45 am for check-in, and then get onboard by 7:30 am. Afternoon excursions leave at 1:30 pm sharp. They take all their guests on the one-and-only triple-decker catamaran on the island. Excellent views abound as a result, plus they have a huge slide going from the top deck down to the water.

Once you get on board, their morning snorkeling and whale-watching tours start with breakfast favorites, including decadent pastries. In the afternoon, you’ll start out with lunch. Your captain will point out all the most impressive sights around as you zoom toward either Molokini or Turtle Town. If you prefer to check out the depths along the way, go down to the glass section in the boat to see beneath the surface.

Upon arriving at your target destination, you’ll get a chance to don your snorkeling gear – or your SNUBA gear if you upgrade – and get into the water. All along the way, the instructors will keep you well informed on how to use the gear and navigate through the waves. For the little ones, they have glass-bottomed floaties that let them stay perched above the surface while enjoying all the same views.

After snorkeling your heart out, you’ll have time to blast down the slides and even hop into the water from the second deck. Every tour features a skilled photographer who takes fun photos of all the action, which you can purchase after your trip. You’re also welcome to rent an underwater camera for your own use while snorkeling and swimming around.

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Snorkeling Tours
Whether you head out to Molokini or Turtle Town, you’re in for amazing sights all around. You don’t even need to know how to use a snorkel or be a strong swimmer. The crew will give you the instructions you need to make the most of your trip – plus a noodle for a little extra support.

Dinner Cruise
When you want to enjoy beautiful sunset views while on the water, go on a dinner cruise. You can enjoy the amazing sights from a table on the deck or chill out in one of the many enclaves instead. Delicious drinks and the food to match roll out all evening long to ensure you walk away fully satisfied.

Whale Watching
Only available during the winter months, whale watching is a great way to see some of the most magnificent creatures in the ocean. The captain will take you to all the best spots for catching the whales in action. You might see them slapping the water with their tails and even breaching the surface time and time again.

Are you prone to getting seasick? Consider using an over-the-counter motion sickness remedy about an hour before boarding the boat. If that doesn’t work, the captain can provide ginger ale to sip on and direct you to the least rocky seat. Then, just set your sight on the horizon and focus on taking deep, even breaths until the nausea passes. Definitely do not go down in the cabin while feeling sick or it will just get worse.

Insider Tips:
-Although you had to use the parking ticket machine in the past, there’s currently no fee for parking.
-Kids under age three get to go on the tour for free alongside a paying adult.
-Their rates change with the season, so check on what each ticket costs before booking your tour.
-The water can feel cold at times, so pay the extra charge to rent a wetsuit if you’re chilly.