Huelo Lookout

Huelo Lookout – Where to Fuel Up on Snacky Goodness While on the Road to Hana
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3.5 / 5
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Whenever you find yourself on the Road to Hana, it’s always a good idea to swing by Huelo Lookout. More than just an ordinary fruit stand, this quaint snack shop has all the tastiest tidbits and drinks imaginable plus views of the lush vegetation. You can fuel up with snacky goodness right onsite, plus take plenty of extras for your upcoming adventures.  

- The Local Expert Team

While traveling the Road to Hana, you’re sure to work up quite an appetite. Thankfully, you can easily satisfy all your cravings by stopping by the Huelo Lookout on your travels. Although it might look like just an ordinary fruit stand, this little snack shop has all the best food and drinks around.

All their offerings begin with their fresh, local fruit, of course, including pineapples, papayas, starfruit, coconuts, bananas, and so much more. Then, they build on that fantastic foundation by dreaming up smoothies, shave ice, and so much more. They even happily create crepes on demand for their ravenous patrons from early in the morning until the evening hours.

With a stop at this fruit stand, it’s easy to fuel up for your upcoming adventures and grab the snacks you’ll need for later. They have a mix of made-to-order food and drinks plus plenty of packaged items that travel well. You’ll want to take your time in browsing all their goods because there’s way more than you might expect at every corner of the stand.

Once you put in your order, settle in for a bit of a wait. In fact, it’s best to plan to spend at least an hour here. The crew unapologetically works on island time, after all. Plus, you’ll want to have plenty of room in your schedule to savor your selections.

Excellent options include:

Fruit Smoothies
The Fruit Smoothies serve as a truly refreshing drink and filling snack all in one. They create each one using fresh fruit from the stand plus plenty of ice. You just need to choose between all their awesome flavors, like banana, coconut, passionfruit, pineapple, and papaya, to get your order started.

Blended Ice Cococinno
If you’re running low on energy, let the Blended Ice Cococinno rev up your day. To make this popular drink, they brew up a generous cup of coffee using local beans. To that, they add a scoop of coconut ice cream and blend it up just right.

Shave Ice
Lovingly dubbed Hawaiian Snow, the Shave Ice always comes in huge portions filled with a ton of flavor. To kickstart your order, let them know what syrup flavor you’d like, and then decide if you’d like it plain or with coconut ice cream inside. Their most popular syrup flavors include raspberry, guava, lemon-lime, mango, and passionfruit.

Pineapple Bread
You simply cannot pass up the chance to try their Pineapple Bread. Made fresh on the regular, this bread is soft, moist, and chockfull of pineapple flavor. Pair it with a plate of fresh cut pineapple to enjoy this amazing fruit two ways.

Although all the tasty food and drinks are the star of the show, you’ll want to take at least a couple minutes to enjoy the view waiting down the trail. To find the lookout, just go down the steps near the stand. Then, walk about 50 feet to see the view of lush vegetation set against the bright blue sky. If you’d like to rest up for your upcoming adventures, grab a seat at the picnic table if it’s open.  

Insider Tips:
-Having trouble finding the goods? The fruit stand lies between mile markers four and five on the Hana Highway.
-Swing by an ATM before arriving at the fruit stand because they only take cash.
-Watch your arrival time carefully. They are occasionally known to shut down shop right at the top of the hour despite having people waiting in line.
-Mosquitos love the lookout area, too, so don’t hesitate to use locally made bug spray if you’d like to keep them at bay.
-There are no bathrooms anywhere near the stand.