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Safety Makes the Difference in Air Maui Helicopter Tours
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

There is only one way to truly experience the beauty and majesty of the Hawaiian Islands and that is by going on a helicopter tour. While there are many options when it comes to island flights, the experts at Air Maui Helicopter Tours offer a unique experience both in terms of local knowledge and an immense focus on guest safety. Guests can sit back and experience the paradise of the island with its breathtaking views all from the safety of a well-maintained helicopter piloted by an experienced pilot. 

- The Local Expert Team

The once-in-a-lifetime experience of flight in an Air Maui Helicopter begins long before you board the helicopter. It starts the second you step into the terminal at Kahului Heliport. You will know instantly that you are among friends thanks to the fact that you will be welcomed and greeted by the friendly professional staff of Air Maui. You can ease into the experience as a guest by browsing through the retail shop located in the terminal to find all sorts of genuine Air Maui souvenirs and clothing to take back home with you. 

While getting lifted into the beautiful Hawaiian airspace, looking at the Hawaiian landscape from the unique perspective of a bird or plane is an exhilarating proposition, it is only human to worry about or at least consider safety ratings. Guests will be happy to learn that Air Maui has over 25 years of flight perfection and utmost safety. This fact is not the result of mere luck either but is the culmination of a combined commitment to top-notch aircraft maintenance and professional pilots. Air Maui pilots have thousands of hours of flight time experience and have been trained to meet the demanding standards of Steve Eggers, Air Maui’s Owner and Chief Pilot. Being a safe pilot is only part of the experience, though as Air Maui flight crews are also entertaining personal guides that know the history of Maui as well as the locations of flora, fauna, and geologic interests. Their knowledge of the landscape will make the experience of soaring above the island that much more memorable and enjoyable. 

There are several tour options for guests to choose from offered by Air Maui Helicopter Tours. They include the Exclusive Doors-off West Maui & Molokai tour, with a duration of 45 minutes, the Hana & Haleakala tour, lasting 45 minutes, the West Maui & Molokai Special, with a duration of 45 minutes, The Complete Island Tour, which lasts 60 minutes, the West Maui & Molokai flight, which also lasts 60 minutes, the West Maui & Molokai with Oceanfront Landing, with a duration of 75 minutes, the amazing Cliffside Landing of Hana & Haleakala that lasts 75 minutes. Other most exclusive options include the Marry Me Tour, the Single Seat Special, and the Private Charter experience. 

Each tour offers a different specialty and unique views, allowing for a wide range of guest experiences. Perhaps the most romantic of them all is the Beach Proposal Flight as part of the Marry Me Tour. This tour lasts around 30 minutes but includes a host of amenities. For example, guests can take up to six passengers with them as they take flight through the picturesque West Maui Mountains. The flight will then continue over a beach where there will be a large banner strategically placed that spells out the reason behind the flight with the message “will you marry me?”. The message will even include the guest’s name in the sand. Guests will also get fresh flower leis and champagne for two when they choose the media package. 

Helicopters hold up to six passengers, depending on guests’ weight. There are media packages offered that can be purchased with any flight or tour option. Go Pros are not allowed on the flight. In fact, the only camera allowed on the door’s off experience is a cell phone camera. That is why the tour group recommends you sit back, enjoy the views and purchase a media package to be able to relive the memories later. 

Insider Tips:
-Light-colored clothing or those with lots of patterns, like traditional Hawaiian shirts, will reflect in photos due to the helicopter’s windows. Therefore, guests should dress in darker colors during their flights to prevent this from happening.
-Air Maui Helicopter Tours offers guests a cash payment discount as well as a discount for booking online. It is recommended that guests make reservations for tours at least one to two weeks prior to the desired tour date. If a party is larger than six people, it is better to book three to four weeks in advance.