Kahana Beach

Kahana Beach - Pretty Beach Convenient to Many Lahaina Resorts
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Kahana Beach may not be the biggest beach, the prettiest beach, or the beach with the best amenities, but sometimes you don't need all that. If you are looking for a nice little beach to enjoy a quick swim and a beautiful sunset in Lahaina, then nearby Kahana Beach is apt to perfectly fit your needs. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Kahana Beach may not boast the prettiest sands or lushes backdrops; nor is it ever likely to grace a space as a “must-see” Maui beach. But not all beaches have to be downright mesmerizing. Sometimes, you simply want a nice stretch of sand that is close to your home or the resort you are staying at. Or something that is near other attractions that you plan on seeing for the day. For those types of days, when you want a little surf and sand that is convenient, at least in terms of convenient to the village of Lahaina, 

Before we continue, be aware that Kahana Beach should not be confused with Kanaha Beach Park. While very similar in name, these are two very different beach experiences. This review is about Kahana Beach in Lahaina on Maui’s western shoreline. The other, Kanaha Beach, is part of a larger county park called Kanaha Beach Park, and is located in North Central Maui, just outside the town of Kahului. 

The Kahana Beach in Lahaina is probably best known as a resort beach due to several beach resorts backing up to it. Kahana Beach Resort, Valley Isle Resort, and Royal Hana Maui by Outrigger are just a couple of the big-name accommodations you will find here. If you are staying at one of these resorts, then you will love how this pretty little beach is now your backyard during your stay. 

If you are traveling to or through Lahaina and want to stop to check out this beach, the best way to access it is to park at the neighboring Pohaku Beach Park to the south and walk up along the beach. You will reach Kahana Beach in about a five-minute walk going this way. Parking here is also nice because it gives you access to Pohaku Park’s amenities, which include showers, restrooms, and picnic tables, some of which have barbecue set-ups. 

Kahana Beach itself has no amenities. Nor will either Pohaku Beach or Kahana Beach have posted lifeguards, which may deter parents of small children. What Kahana Beach does have is nice snorkeling and swimming conditions in the morning and beautiful sunset viewing opportunities in the evening. There is a large reef that lies further offshore which acts as a nice buffer against the strongest of currents and helps to keep the waters here generally calm and enjoyable to swim at. This likewise means you aren’t going to see many surfers around here, but paddleboarding is popular when it isn’t too windy. 

Insider Tips:
-During the winter season, humpback whales can often be sighted offshore here thanks to how the currents wrap around this part of Maui. So make sure to grab your binoculars before hitting this beach if you are going during this time. 
-Don’t have the proper beach equipment? Many of the higher-end resorts and most vacation home rentals will have certain equipment (ie snorkels and bodyboards) available as either part of their amenities or for a small upcharge. Unfortunately, not all lodgings are like this. But going to beaches that are close to resorts, like how Kahana Beach is, means that you are likewise close to a lot of outfitters and gear shop rentals. Here, you will find a Snorkel Bob store close, at which you can rent all types of dive and snorkel gear.