Pakamon Thai Food

Get Fast, Authentic Thai Food from Pakamon Farm Fresh Food Truck
The Bottom Line:

When in Makawao in Maui’s Upcountry, try the many delectable dishes of Pakamon Farm Fresh. The authentic Thai favorites here include freshly grown produce from the farm operated by the food truck’s owner. Stop by to satisfy your curry cravings or need for noodle noshes.

- The Local Expert Team

Fresh foods abound in the fertile Hawaiian Islands, and many eateries bring in local produce for their food. But, not all restaurants grow the fruits and vegetables that they use. Pakamon Farm Fresh food truck grows its own produce for its freshly prepared Thai dishes. You get the freshest food on Maui when you enjoy authentic Thai favorite dishes from Pakamon Thai Food in Makawao.

Freshness is essential for all the ingredients used in the dishes made at Pakamon Farm Fresh. Because the food truck owner uses vegetables and fruits grown from their farm, the specific menu items and ingredients used may change throughout the year. For instance, pumpkin curry appeared on the menu in the past, timing with the pumpkin harvest. However, mainstays, such as Thai fried rice and pad thai remain staples of the menu with slight variations in the seasonal vegetables used.

If you are vegetarian or vegan, you will find many options here. Since employees prepare your food when you order it, you can specify your protein when you order, with options that include chicken, tofu, shrimp, or fish for many of the dishes. If you do not eat animal products, specify vegan when ordering. Many of the dishes may include fish sauce that the cooks can leave out if you ask for vegan preparation.

Several visitors sing the praises of this food truck for its tasty, authentic food. It even turned one visitor into a Thai food aficionado. The food truck provides diners with substantial portions of food at reasonable prices. Plus, you will find picnic tables nearby to enjoy your meal as soon as you get it.

The availability of ingredients, the popularity of various dishes, and the inspiration of the owner contribute to special items that may appear for limited times. For example, ginger salmon stir fry, fat noodle salmon lad na, ahi with sweet chili sauce, and even breakfast items have appeared as menu specials. Don’t forget to ask about any of these temporary menu specials when you visit.

If you love Thai food, visit this food truck for authentic favorites of this cuisine. Try any of the following tasty Thai dishes from the menu:

Pineapple Fried Rice

Pineapple fried rice receives high praise from those who ordered it. This dish comes packed with fresh vegetables and pineapple and the protein of your choice. Like the other Thai fried rice options on the menu, pineapple fried rice uses fish sauce and Thai spices with fragrant jasmine rice to create the distinctive flavor of the dish. Diners used adjectives such as “delicious” and “good” when describing this dish. Sample it for yourself to enjoy a sweet and savory main dish.

Chicken Satay  

Chicken satay from Pakamon Farm Fresh food truck uses homemade peanut sauce to coat its freshly cooked chicken. This dish is such a popular option at the food truck that it introduced a tofu version. Try this marinated grilled chicken. This healthy option comes with a side salad and your choice of rice for a light, flavorful meal.

Summer Rolls

Nothing hits the spot better on a hot afternoon than fresh summer rolls. These rice paper-wrapped rolls come packed with farm-fresh vegetables and your choice of protein. Seasonal fresh fruit rounds out this healthy appetizer or entrée. You can choose vegetarian tofu, vegan preparation, chicken, shrimp, or fish for the protein inside the rolls.

Kalua Pork Spring Rolls

While the summer rolls come chilled with chewy rice paper wrappers, spring rolls have thicker, crispy flour wrappers. Like the summer rolls, spring rolls come with numerous protein options. Visitors recommend the kalua pork for the protein inside the spring rolls, when available. The spring rolls have a crunchy exterior and balanced fillings of vegetables and pork. Don’t forget to dip them into the sweet chili sauce that comes with the spring rolls to add even more flavor to these tasty appetizers.

For Thai food made from the freshest ingredients grown locally by the food truck’s farm, visit Pakamon Farm Fresh food truck in Makawao on Maui.

Insider Tip:

-Look for parking on the area streets. The site with this food truck does not have a dedicated parking lot.