Mike Carroll Gallery

Mike Carroll Gallery – Where to Explore Stunning Works of Art While Visiting Lanai
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Do you want to see fine works of art while visiting Lanai? If so, just head on over to the Mike Carroll Gallery. Original oil paintings by Mike Carroll serve as the star of the show, but many other local artists get showcased as well.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

For over 20 years, the Mike Carroll Gallery has served as the place to go on Lanai whenever you want to admire fine works of art. The gallery showcases the original oil paintings by none other than Mike Carroll himself. Many other artists get the honor of putting their works in the gallery as well – plus they have a full gift shop available for whenever you want to load up on the souvenirs.

If you’d like to explore the gallery for yourself, just head on over to 7th Avenue along the northern side of Dole Park. There’s usually parking available in front of the gallery or by the pharmacy next door. But you’re also welcome to park in the stalls across the street if you wish. No matter where you park, set your sights on the little green building nearby and look for the tiny gallery signage.

As you walk through the doors, you’ll get a warm greeting from Mike Carroll, his wife, Kat, or both if they’re available. The gallery serves as a working studio for Mike, so he’s often painting the day away. He’s well-known for his oil paintings, of course, which often get turned into limited edition prints for even more people to take home and enjoy. His original works hang in the gallery, giving you a glimpse into his rich career as a professional artist.

As you look around at the paintings on display, you’ll see Mike’s love for Hawaiian landscapes, people, and wildlife. His experience as a medical illustrator comes through in many pieces, too, especially as you gaze upon his signature portraits. Every painting boasts a dreamy aesthetic that gives an otherworldly feel to even the most mundane scenes. Cliffs and boulders on the beach. An avocado on a table. A cat on a bench. They all share the same peaceful aesthetic.

Mike and Kat Carroll open their gallery – and their hearts – too many other artists on the island. They regularly welcome guest artists to display their finest works for all to see. Plus, they put handcrafted goods from local artisans in the gift shop for your souvenir shopping needs.

Other products you can buy include:

Jigsaw Puzzles
If you’d like to play an important role in the recreation of Mike Carroll’s artistic visions, just get a few jigsaw puzzles for home. Each one features a print of an original oil painting, like “Colors By The Bay.” They order up their jigsaw puzzles in sets of 100, so you’ll want to get your favorites before they sell out.

Want to carry your favorite oil paintings by Carroll wherever you go, grab Envirosax for the road. These large tote bags feature a stunning oil painting print on the outside. On top of that, they’re washable, water resistant, and big enough for all your beach gear. 

If you need a little carrying case for your ID, money, and other essentials, get one of the clutches by Cory Lovejoy. Fun designs adorn the clutch, making them a stylish accessory for all your outfits. Furthermore, they’re all one of a kind, so you just know you have something truly unique on your hands.

If you get a chance to talk to Mike Carroll, ask him about his inspirations and approach to creating his works of art. Chat up Kat if you can as well. As the founder of the Lanai Cat Sanctuary, she has many fantastic stories to tell of her own. Don’t forget to ask for their restaurant suggestions as well. They’ve lived on the island since 2001, so they know just where to get the best food and drinks year-round.

Insider Tips:
-Want a custom work of art made just for you? Just order a commission from Mike. You’ll just need to provide photos or a description of your vision for the piece plus pay 50% upfront.
-Don’t want to carry your artwork home with you? Ask to have it shipped to your doorstep before you check out.