Touch Kauai Massage and Retreat Vacations

Aloha With Touch Kauai - Connect With the Spirit of Kauai
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5.0 / 5
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Aloha With Touch Kauai embodies the spirit of Kauai and embraces the tourists who welcome it. From relaxing massages and therapies to customized tours, this is the place where you can get to know the Hawaiian culture and beliefs. Come, relax and leave rejuvenated.

- The Local Expert Team

Touch Kauai introduces visitors to the island spirit. Through massages, therapies, and tours– this is a place where you don’t just learn about Kauai, but you get to experience it the way that it’s meant to be.

The massages at Touch Kauai are fairly standard in their types. Massage therapists offer deep tissue, couples, Hawaiian lomi lomi, among others. The experience itself is far from a standard massage, though, as the therapists share how they interpret the island’s relaxing way of life.

Complementing the massages are therapies that may be less common but are especially effective.  The water therapy — Aquacrantal — is performed in the ocean and warm-water pool for a truly immersive experience. Alternatively (or additionally), gemstone and crystal treatments are subtle yet profound.

In addition to these standard-length spa treatments, Touch Kauai also provides a variety of multi-day tour options. A Retreat Vacation on Kauai focuses on the relaxing sights and experiences of the island. You’ll have a chance to meet elders, have a multi-day Kauai island retreat, and become fully acquainted with the islands.

Whatever experience you choose, it’ll be performed by a skilled therapist. Almost all services are personally done by Katharina and Enrico Becker, who both offer decades of experience.

A few of our favorite highlights at Touch Kauai include:

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is a traditional and comprehensive massage, incorporating multiple massage techniques, nut oils, and spirituals (e.g. often prayer). Experience massage indigenous massage that’s relaxing, rejuvenating, and may leave you knowing yourself better. You can also get this done as a couple’s massage. Enrico also offers a Temple Style Lomi Lomi.

Couples Massages
If you want to relax with your significant other, then a couple’s massage is truly the way to go. You can get a general couple’s massage or a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage as a couple. This offers great opportunity to bond together and tune into your bodies.

Aquacranial Water Therapy
Soft movements and light touches rebalance the body, working mostly on the cranium and spine. The entire 90-minute session takes place in the ocean.

Retreat Vacations on Kauai
Stay at one of Kauai’s most relaxing lodgings, and see majestic sights light waterfalls and ocean vistas. Incorporate a massage and therapy for a complete vacation. The Retreat Vacations on Kauai are customizable, allowing you to explore the most personally interesting aspects of Kauai.

Kauai should be experienced as much as it should be seen. Whether you have a couple of hours or a couple of weeks, come to Touch Kauai Massage to fully acquaint yourself with the island.

Insider TIps:
-Want a massage in the comfort of your hotel or a short-term rental? Katharina and Enrico will do outcall massages.
-Because Kathrina and Enrico personally provide almost all services, they’re limited in how many clients they can care for — especially when they’re leading a two-week tour. Call well before you come to the island so you can reserved a service with one (or both) of them.
-Ask about Katharina’s Lomi Lomi and transformative soul guidance work.