Al Pastor Tacos

Al Pastor Tacos – Where to Relax in Kauai While Noshing on Food Truck Goodness
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4 / 5
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When nothing else will do but local grinds by the waterfront, set your sights on Al Pastor Tacos on Kauai. Located right off Kapaa Beach Park, this beloved food truck proudly serves fresh fish tacos, steak quesadillas, and everything in between. You’re welcome to chill at the umbrella-covered picnic tables or take your eats straight to the beach.

- The Local Expert Team

A true local favorite, Al Pastor Tacos is the place to go on Kauai when you want the absolute best tacos of your life. Their authentic Oaxacan-style tacos come with various fillings, such as chicken, fresh fish, and shrimp. They also always have the fresh catch of the day and another special item or two, like garlic shrimp. Want to skip the meat? Just treat yourself to the Vegetarian Tacos.

You can get their tacos ala carte to mix and match to your liking. Or make it a meal to get two of the same tacos with rice and beans on the side. If you prefer something a little different, they also have a Grilled Fish Burrito, Fish Tostadas, and other tasty meals to consider. You really cannot go wrong no matter what you get, so just pick what looks good and go with it. You’ll be back sooner than later anyway and can try more items on their menu.

Since they’re always so busy, you’ll likely have plenty of time to think about what to get while standing in line. Their crew works ultra-fast, though, and never fails to flash a bright smile to all their patrons. You’ll likely notice their crew greeting many locals by name before launching into a lively chat. This food truck has been an island staple for over 15 years, after all, so they’ve gained quite a loyal following and made lasting connections.

Once your food is ready, it’ll land in your hands in a takeout box. That way, you can decide whether to sit at their umbrella-covered picnic tables or take your meal to the beach. The food truck sits almost right on Kapaa Beach Park anyway, so you can enjoy the beautiful view from their picnic tables if you choose the right spot. Arrive during the sunset hour to enjoy breathtaking views while you nosh on your tacos.   

Al Pastor Tacos’ most popular dishes are:

Fresh Fish Tacos
The Fresh Fish Tacos are a beloved classic with bold flavors in every last bite. This dish begins with fish bought at the market that day and grilled to perfection. Once it’s done, the fish lands in two doubled-up corn tortillas. Salsa fresca, shredded lettuce, and chipotle crema sauce land in both tacos. Then, rice, beans, and guacamole come on the side.

Deep Fried Burrito
When you’re craving crispy, fried deliciousness, order the Deep Fried Burrito and get ready to go on a flavor journey. This dish features fresh grilled fish, rice, and beans wrapped up tight in a flour tortilla and then fried until golden brown. Guacamole and chipotle crema sauce come on the side but be sure to drizzle it over the top before taking the first bite.

Steak Mushroom Quesadilla
When you order the Steak Mushroom Quesadilla, you can count on getting a hearty dish bursting with flavor. The chef creates this meal by grilling steak and mushrooms on the flat top. Then, they’re tossed on one side of a flour tortilla along with Monterey jack cheese. The tortilla gets folded up and grilled on both sides to melt all the flavors together. Guacamole, rice, and beans come alongside to bring it all together.

Don’t forget to add a beverage to your order, so you can quench your thirst while you enjoy your tacos. They have water, tea, and soda, of course, but the real magic is in getting Jarritos. This 100% Mexican company makes incredibly flavorful fruit sodas that will have you coming back for more. They pair beautifully with all the dishes on their menu, ensuring you get to enjoy a truly memorable meal.

Insider Tips:
-When paying by card, there’s a $5 minimum charge.
-If you’re in a hurry, you can give them a call ahead of time to put in your order.
-Do not feed the wild chickens when they’re around. Otherwise, they may take that as an invitation to help themselves to your meal.