Aloha Liege Waffles & Espresso

Aloha Liege Waffles and Espresso – Where to Go Beyond Breakfast on the Daily
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5.0 / 5
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At Aloha Liege Waffles and Espresso, they’re on a mission to make waffles an all-day affair with their innovative prep techniques and mouthwateringly good toppings. Plus, their many excellent espresso drinks and dedication to good vibes promise to take your waffle experience to the next level whenever you swing by their East Side Kauai food truck.

- The Local Expert Team

With just one taste of the awesome creations at Aloha Liege Waffles and Espresso, the way you look at waffles will change forever. No longer will they be a simple breakfast food meant for butter and syrup alone. Instead, they will undoubtedly become a go-to snack whenever you’re craving their donut-esque texture and wonderful array of toppings.

At this popular East Side Kauai food truck, they manage to transform waffles into something altogether different with their unique approach. Instead of laying down batter in the waffle iron, they make their Belgian-inspired Liege waffles using a yeast-risen dough. The dough takes hours upon hours to make, and features imported Belgian sugar pearls throughout to create the perfect flavor and texture combo.

Once their dough hits the waffle iron, it puffs up beautifully, becoming light and airy inside plus perfectly crisp along the outside. On its own, it would be a decadent treat, but their process doesn’t end there. Depending on which waffle you order, they elevate their creation even more by piling on the fresh fruit, imported dark Belgian chocolate, macadamia nuts, and so much more. Their coconut-infused fresh whipped cream is made by hand daily, helping kick your tastebuds into high gear with each and every bite. 

To perfectly complement your selected Liege waffle flavors, they happily serve up hot and iced espresso drinks to order. You can keep it simple with a small Americano or go all out with one of their handcrafted mocha drinks. They also have house blend drip coffee for times when you simply want to offset the sweet waffle goodness with a crisp, bitter drink.

Items you will simply adore at Aloha Liege Waffles & Espresso include:

When you want all the best island flavors in every single bite, you cannot go wrong with the WereMonkey. This sweet treat begins with an Aloha Liege Waffle that’s topped with fresh, local banana slices. Over that delicious pairing, they add their coconut-infused whipped cream and a tasty Belgian Cookie Butter drizzle.

The Dragon promises to satisfy your cravings for sweet and sour from the first bite to the last. To make this dish, they place fresh-cut pineapple over the top of their Aloha Liege Waffle. Then, they add coconut-infused whipped cream, roasted coconut chips, and plenty of imported Belgian chocolate.

Fresh Fruit Bowl
If you just want to cut to the chase, you can skip the waffle and go straight for their Fresh Fruit Bowl. You get your choice of fresh-cut fruits, whipped cream, and roasted coconut chips. Just name what you want, and they’ll pile it on. Pair with a Plain Belgian Liege Waffle to sneakily create your own fruity waffle delight.

Sunrise Latte
If the waffles aren’t sugary enough for you, you can pair them with a Sunrise Latte to kick it up a notch. Available in small and large sizes, this drink begins with a vanilla latte base made using Slow Island Co. beans. Then, they add brown sugar and cinnamon for a combo that’s sure to get you going. You can get it hot or go for the iced version when you want to cool off fast.

When you’re feeling rather adventurous, you can build your own Aloha Liege waffle anyway you like. You just have to choose from all their available toppings to create your perfect combination. Just be careful not to go overboard since you have to pay for each topping you add.

Insider Tips:
-You’re always able to add your own special touch to their specialty waffle creations by selecting even more toppings for an additional charge.
-Want more roasted coconut chips? They’re available at no extra cost.
-If the ingredients run out, they close early, which is quite common in the summer months. When that happens, they usually post up the news on their social media pages.  
-You can easily skip the cow’s milk by selecting one of their alternate milks for an extra charge. They usually have oat, soy, almond, coconut, and macadamia nut milk available.