Volcano Pizza Kauai

Volcano Pizza Kauai - New York Style Pizza Within Tourist Shopping Center
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Located in South Koloa, Volcano Pizza Kauai is a fantastic pizzeria serving up thin New York Style slices. Go here to enjoy an extra cheesy slice and for delicious specialty cocktails and wine.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Pizza is popular across the Hawaiian islands, but there are certainly some pizzerias that are more frequented the others. Volcano Pizza Kauai is certainly one of the local favorites when it comes to enjoying cheesy slices on Kauai.

You will find Volcano Pizza Kauai on the southern end of this island in the village of Kola. The pizzeria is located within the popular shopping mall called Poipu Shopping Village. This shopping center is part-open air and part-enclosed with an open garden area at the center of a square block of stores of restaurants, all of which feature large windows and doors that can be opened to allow in the breezes. So when you choose a seat at Volcano Pizza Kauai, you can certainly choose one near those open windows and enjoy looking out into the central courtyard with tropical landscaping.

Volcano Pizza Kauai is in a location formerly known as Pietro’s Pizza and Pasta and continues to serve up pizza items very similar to its predecessor. Similar but not the same. Patrons of Pietro’s Pizza & Pasta will notice a significantly smaller portion of non-pizza items on the revamped menu. But this renewed focus on pies by thee refurbished Volcano Pizza Kauai is certainly not a bad thing!

Popular specialty pizza at Volcano Pizza Kauai includes:

Spaghetti & Meatball Pizza
Who needs to order pasta when you can get that pasta right on the pizza? This specialty pizza comes loaded with spaghetti, yes real spaghetti, meatballs, basil, and a thick layer of Parmesan cheese. 

Truffle Mushroom Pizza
This is a must for mushroom lovers! The Volcano Pizza Kauai Truffle Mushroom Pizza features a heaping of mushrooms that have been sauteed in garlic and truffle oil. This specialty pizza also features a thick truffle cream sauce and allows patrons to add on one extra topping of their choice (there is a blanket rule of no substitutions on any of the other specialty pies). 

If you don’t like any of the specialty pies listed on the menu, you can also opt to build your own pizza. All pizzas are Prepared New York Style, which is to say thin crust with extra cheese. You can choose between a Large or an X-Large pie size with each topping being $3 extra. The standard Cheese pizza features the house pizza sauce, oregano, mozzarella, and olive oil.

Other, non-pizza items worth noting at Volcano Pizza Kauai include:

Li Hing Mui Ribs
Listed as an appetizer, this dish comes served with three slow-braised pork ribs slathered with a Li Hing Mui Glaze.

Lobster Bacon Mac & Cheese
Yes, most of the pasta items were removed from the menu after the brand change; most but not all. The Lobster Bacon Mac & Cheese is a delicious, filling platter of macaroni pasta that is served with a creamy cheddar sauce featuring lobster and candied bacon mixed in. 

Finally, in addition to its food menu, Volcano Pizza Kauai also boasts an extensive drink menu. They have their own list of signature cocktails as well as about a dozen beers on draft, a decent bottled beer collection, and plenty of white and red wines to choose from. 

Insider Tips:
-If you have been meh about Hawaiian Pizza, or rather pizza with pineapple, we suggest you give this restaurant take a try. What you know as a Hawaiian pizza is actually a Canadian invention and features cooked ham with canned pineapple. It’s the technical way to make the pizza and other Hawaiian pizzerias keep up with that tradition. But not Volcano Pizza Kauai. Here, fresh pineapple and naturally smoked ham are used for an upgraded taste profile. 
-Cocktail specials change daily depending upon what ingredients are in stock. So make sure to ask about what’s on that specialty menu before ordering!
-Make sure to give yourself time to walk around the other shops of the Poipu Shopping Village. This is more of a tourist-oriented shopping center full of interesting boutiques that are certainly worth some window shopping.