Fresh Bite Kauai

Fresh Bite Kauai – Healthy Eats Served Beachside in North Shore Kauai
The Bottom Line:

Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free fare are always on tap at Fresh Bite Kauai. Want a taste of their pure deliciousness? Just zip on over to their food truck in Hanalei to explore all the offerings at this North Shore Kauai favorite.  Just don’t forget to save room for dessert!

- The Local Expert Team

When you want lighter fare without compromising on flavor, you cannot go wrong with a trip over to Fresh Bite Kauai. Located just blocks from the beaches around Hanalei Bay, this North Shore Kauai favorite promises to satisfy your cravings without leaving you feeling bogged down. Their menu features all the top vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free dishes plus plenty of meaty goodness if you prefer.

Since they’re only open during the midday hours, lunch is their specialty. As a result, they offer many excellent salads, wraps, sandwiches, and quinoa bowls. Even if you don’t bring a big appetite, you’ll definitely want to try their hand-cut French fries. Their Purple Sweet Potato Fries, in particular, regularly get applauded as some of the best on the island.

If you’re in the mood for a Hawaiian classic, then set your sights on their locally grown and pounded taro poi instead. They have plain Coconut Poi in small and large sizes for those who like to keep it simple. Otherwise, you’ll definitely favor the Poi Bowl, which comes topped with seasonal fruit, homemade granola, coconut syrup, and coconut flakes.

In handcrafting all their menu items, they always aim to use the highest quality organic ingredients sourced from all over the island. From their locally baked Vegan Poi Buns to Kailani Greens, their stellar ingredients promise to win you over from the very first bite. Better yet, even though they serve all their dishes in takeout containers, they always go all out in their artistic presentations as well.

Their top choices include:

Chipotle Cheese Fries
Available in either sweet potato or russet form, their Chipotle Cheese Fries will undoubtedly leave you feeling rather smitten. To create this fantastic appetizer, they fry up their potatoes until golden and crispy and then top them with plenty of white cheddar cheese. The chipotle sauce goes over the top before they sprinkle on the ultra-fresh green onions.

When you need a light but filling treat for lunch, order up the Gaucho as a salad, wrap, or quinoa bowl. No matter which one you choose, they’ll pile on the Kailani Farms organic greens plus cucumbers, tomatoes, and avocado. Roasted organic corn joins the party next along with crispy chickpeas and a generous drizzle of their homemade chimichurri vinaigrette.

Garden Isle Veggie Sandwich
For bite after bite of all the best island flavors, the Garden Isle Veggie Sandwich is definitely the way to go. They make this dish by slicing their locally baked vegan poi bun in half and adding your choice of sauce, such as chipotle, chimichurri, honey mustard, or buttermilk ranch. After that, they go big on the Kailani greens, green onion, cucumber, tomato, avocado, and carrots.

If you like to end your meal with a sweet kick, just select one of the treats on their menu to finish your visit off right. They have soft-serve Ice Cream in a cup or a cone plus Ice Cream Sundaes topped with local fruit, coconut syrup, and macadamia nuts. For something a little different, try their Coffee Float, which features vanilla ice cream covered in organic cold brew and topped with handcrafted chocolate shavings.

Insider Tips:
-While browsing their menu, look for (GF) for gluten-free and (VG) for vegan.
-Although it’s an extra charge, their homemade dipping sauce is well worth a try.
-They don’t serve alcoholic beverages, but you’re welcome to BYOB by heading over to the liquor store next door for what you need.
-Since they have minimal seating, plan to zoom over to the beachside to enjoy your meal.
-Want to take your meal to the next level? You can add white cheddar cheese, avocado, organic chicken, and local, grass-fed steak for an extra charge.