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Kauai Fruit & Flower – Offering All the Tropical Delights You Could Ever Want
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4 / 5
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When you want to experience all the best island flavors, zoom over to the East Side to visit Kauai Fruit & Flower. At their modest shop, they have all the tropical fruit, chocolates, nuts, and other sweet treats you could want. Plus, they sell tropical flower mixes – and leis! – made to reflect the beauty of all the top spots on the island, including Fern Grotto.

- The Local Expert Team

Kauai Fruit & Flower specializes in selling Kauai moments one gift box at a time. All their tropical fruit, flowers, and other gifts come directly from local suppliers, ensuring you can enjoy all the best the island has to offer. 

They’re best known for their locally-grown pineapples, which typically come from Oahu, Maui, and Kauai. Their journey as the leading USDA-certified export and packaging company began with this delightful fruit, after all, not all that long after they started their venture with a focus on Kauai grown foods.

Their fresh Solo and Sunrise papayas are equally beloved, especially by those who want to schlep them home for their later enjoyment. Like pineapples, airlines prohibit the transport of papayas, you see, unless they’re properly pre-packaged and sealed to meet their strict standards. Fortunately, their tropical fruits are pre-approved for transport by US agriculture – and they’re the only place on the island to get the approval.

When you want to pair your tropical fruit with a sampling of all the other top island flavors, they can help with that, too. Their Hawaiian gift baskets come chockfull of all the best chocolates, jams, cookies, and other decadent confections. You have several basket sizes to consider, allowing you to spoil your loved ones – or yourself.

As you shop your heart out for sweet treats, don’t overlook their boxed tropical flowers. Grown at many local farms across Kauai, their flower boxes feature vibrant displays that smell heavenly and look just as good. You can get a box to dress up your hotel room or to leave it at a memorable location in honor of a special person or moment in your life.

Popular items they offer include:

While looking at all their amazing flowers and goodies galore, you might find yourself craving bright tropical flavors. Fortunately, you can satisfy that craving with a 16-ounce smoothie made fresh each week with local ingredients. Their mixture changes with the season, but often includes pineapples, mangos, papayas, passion fruit, and oranges.

Each day, their team packs up their fresh pineapples and papayas delivered straight to their doorstep from local farms all over Hawaii. You can get boxes of two, three, or six pineapples, while their papayas come in 10lb boxes with around eight to ten fruits in each. Both types of fruit are packed up just right to accompany you on your flight or can get shipped back home for an extra fee.

Their tropical flowers never fail to dress up the room in an instant and stay in great shape much longer than you might expect. They have many mixes to choose from, including ones that mimic the scenery in Fern Grotto and other key island spots. Want to go all out? Get the Grand Tropical Special for a little bit of everything.

Gift Baskets
Available in three different sizes, the gift baskets are the perfect thing to accompany you home and keep you enjoying island life well after returning to the daily grind. They also make a fantastic gift for the special people in your life. Depending on which one you select, they may have dried fruit, macadamia nuts, tropical jam, chocolates, and much more.

Want to take home a box of fruit? Just bring it as your carry-on and there’s no extra charge for your delicious cargo. You just need to ask them about their baggage fee waiver to save on transport. You can also have them ship it to your home two-day air just in time for your arrival or even send some out as gifts. If you’re going to spoil your friends and family, don’t forget to grab a gift basket to go with their fruit, and then reward yourself with a smoothie for a job well done.  

Insider Tips:
-As you’re buzzing down the Kuhio Highway, it’s easy to miss this little shop. So, input their address into your GPS to avoid having to turn around.
-Tropical flowers do not love the cold weather, so expect to pay an extra packing fee for winter deliveries.
-Want even more beautiful flowers or delicious goodness sent to you after returning home? Just give them a call to put in your order.