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Leahi Health – Plant-Based Deliciousness Served with a Smile in South Shore Kauai
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4 / 5
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For plant-based food and drinks you can feel good about, just take a trip on over to Leahi Health in South Shore Kauai. Their smoothies and other beverages are out of this world delicious, giving you plenty of nutrients to fuel your day. Want something a little more filling? Tacos, bowls, and salads await your arrival.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

At Leahi Health, they make it their mission to serve plant-based fare that’s so good you’ll forget about meat, cheese, and other animal products. They achieve their goal quite easily, too, resulting in tons of loyal visitors coming by their South Shore Kauai eatery each day.

To join them, you can either swing by and put in your order in person or use the online system on their website to make your selections. Either way, the team will make your order using fresh, local ingredients, and then put it out on the counter for pickup.  

Once you grab your selections at Leahi Health, just settle down at the picnic tables out front to dig in. The chill atmosphere sets the stage for an amazing meal, although it all drops away with your first taste of their creations. All their items boast big, bold flavors that keep you coming back for bite after bite. On top of that, they’re just filling enough to leave you feeling energized without bogging you down.

After you finish up at Leahi Health, bring your wood-turned bowls and other tableware back up to the counter to get a big thank you and warm wishes for the rest of your day. The team proudly nourishes their community and loves to see you come back for more. With each visit, you can effectively reduce your impact on the environment, after all, while developing a taste for all their flavorful vegan creations.

Definitely try these items at Leahi Health:

Whether you want to start your day off right or just need a quick pick-me-up while on the go, you cannot go wrong with the Starburst smoothie. This drink starts with an apple juice and almond milk base in the blender. Then, they add pineapple, apple banana, blueberry, lemon, and orange to complete its bright flavor profile.

Coffee Monster
For coffee, unlike anything you’ve ever tasted, go with the Coffee Monster. To create this beverage, they pour cold brew coffee and almond milk into the blender. After that, they mix in apple banana, local greens, maca root, agave, and almond butter to finish it off right.

Kale Avocado Tacos
The Kale Avocado Tacos keep it real with all the right flavors while skipping the animal products. Leahi Health makes these tacos by tossing corn, black beans, and kale salad in cilantro-lime dressing. Then, they put garlic bean spread on a warm pita, add the dressed salad mix, and put grape tomatoes, avocado, and sesame seeds on top.

Surfer Bowl
When you order the Surfer Bowl, you can easily satisfy your hunger without getting too full. To make this dish, they toss red cabbage, kale salad, carrot, Japanese cucumber, and green onions in a ginger tahini dressing. Once that’s prepared, they put it over a bed of brown rice and add grape tomatoes, avocado, almonds, mock tuna, and furikake.

Thai Crunch Salad
The Thai Crunch Salad serves as a truly memorable light lunch that’ll have you coming back again and again. They make this dish by tossing a veggie mix and local green papaya in spicy teriyaki dressing. Then, they put it on top of a scoop of brown rice before adding avocado, grape tomatoes, almonds, and tofu.

If you’d like an extra kick of protein in your meal at Leahi Health, just request it protein-style. Once you utter those magic words, the team will add tofu, flax, hemp, and chia seeds to your bowl, tacos, or salad. You also have the option to get coconut bacon, avocado, and other add-ons put on top if you wish. Each add-on is an extra charge, but the scrumptious flavors and nutrition boost are well worth the expense.

Insider Tips:
-Want to enjoy their tacos but need to skip the wheat? Just ask Leahi Health to use corn tortillas instead of their pitas for gluten-free perfection.
-With the exception of their corn tortillas, they do not honor any other substitution requests.
-When your order hits $40 and up, expect an automatic 10% gratuity added to the bill.
-If you’d like your meal to have a bit of a kick, request hot sauce for spiciness in each bite.