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Hale Hoola Spa – Get Rejuvenated from Head to Toe in Volcano, HI
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When your Big Island adventures leave you feeling sore from head to toe, you can get rejuvenated at the Hale Hoola Spa. Dubbed the “House of Healing,” this spa features all the treatments you need to feel like new once again. So, sign up for your spa services of choice, and then get ready for pampering in the heart of Volcano.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Are your Big Island adventures leaving you 100% tuckered out and sore head to toe? Just book a visit to the Hale Hoola Spa to come out feeling rejuvenated and ready for more fun. Well-known as the “House of Healing,” this popular Volcano spa has all the treatments you need to feel your best once again.

Their exquisite location near the 4,000-foot Kilauea summit sets the stage for an amazing experience, too. The spa sits in the middle of lush tropical rainforest, filled with stunningly beautiful Hawaiian vegetation. In addition to the gorgeous scenery, the crisp mountain air feels wonderful all around.

On top of all that, their team completes the picture of perfection by putting aloha at the center of all they do. Their team makes their own wellness a top priority to start. Then, they tune into what their patrons need, so they can focus on helping promote healing at every turn.

To enjoy the spa experience of a lifetime, you’ll need to book your spot ahead of time. They do not allow walk-ins any day of the week. So, call, email, or use the booking system on their website to reserve your place. You do not have to choose your services at that time. But you might need to make back-to-back appointments if you want several services completed in one visit.

Plan to arrive at the spa location at least 10 minutes before your appointment time. You will need the extra time to check in and then get cozy in your treatment room. Your appointment will start soon after that, centered around your selected services. All the while, you’re encouraged to simply let go of stress and focus on enjoying the full pampering experience.

Be sure to pay close attention to all the products used throughout the treatments. They only use the highest quality organic products for all their treatments, most of which are made right on the island. If you want to emulate the experience upon returning home, you’ll need to invest in the products as well. You can do so by visiting the vendors’ websites yourself, but only if you know just what they used. So, have your spa practitioner jot down the brand and name of all the products you want to get.

Their top spa treatments include:

Wawae Lomilomi
When your dogs are barking, you need the Wawae Lomilomi treatment in your life. More than just a foot massage, this two-hour treatment starts with a long soak for your tired feet. Then, you get a volcanic clay scrub before hot stones land on your feet to your knees.

Laau Hamo
Available in 60-, 90- and 120-minute sessions, the Laau Hamo massage allows you to feel the power of Hawaiian herbs and flower extracts. Your spa practitioner will use the medicinal plants to massage away your aches and pains, so you can feel your absolute best by the end.

Tahitian Body Glow
If you want to give your skin an incredible glow while getting massaged all over, get the Tahitian Body Glow. This 90-minute spa treatment centers around the use of Tahitian Tiare flower-infused coconut oil throughout your massage session. Then, they finish off the treatment by lightly misting you all over with a light coconut solution.

To time your spa visits just right, schedule them for the morning after your most intense island adventures. With that move, you’ll get to start the day off feeling your best, keeping you from feeling too tired for more explorations. You can come back time and time again during your trip, too, so you can stay feeling refreshed despite putting your all into enjoying the Big Island to the fullest.

Insider Tips:
-Skip the headphones in favor of simply using all your senses to enjoy your spa treatments.
-Want a couples massage? Just let them know you’d like side-by-side treatments when you book your spot.
-Their full rejuvenation packages will take over two hours to complete. So, plan your visit accordingly.
-Try to book your appointment well ahead of your trip. Their scheduling system often leaves much to be desired, leading to a lot of back and forth before you can get your visit on the calendar.