Mauna Lani Coffee Company

Mauna Lani Coffee Company – Kickstart Your Day with an Energizing Cup of Joe in Kamuela
The Bottom Line:

When you want to put a little pep in your step, simply jet on over to the Mauna Lani Coffee Company. A definite Kamuela favorite, this little shop goes big on the coffee goodness while pairing their drinks with meals to remember. So, it’s always well worth coming by bright and early – and later in the day – for all you crave.

- The Local Expert Team

Whenever you need a quick pick-me-up infused with all the best island flavors, put the Mauna Lani Coffee Company on your radar. Set in the heart of Kamuela, this little shop never fails to delight with its coffee drinks and the meals to match. Their menu comes chockfull of all the pure deliciousness you need to enjoy your island adventures to the fullest. Plus, you can count on the team to send all the aloha in the world your way, making you feel wholly welcome from the start.

Before you can get a taste of all they’re serving up, you’ll need to get in line and wait it out. They stay super busy from the moment they open their doors at sunup all the way until close. The breakfast and lunch rush crowd extend out the wait the most, leaving you in line for up to 30 minutes at a stretch. Fortunately, it’s well worth the time waiting for your chance to order. Just be sure to put in your full order from the start – or you’ll find yourself right back in line for another taste.

While waiting to order, you can explore the menu at your leisure, which is plenty big enough to keep you entertained. They also have a ton of branded swag all around, simply begging to accompany you on all your Big Island explorations. Plus, they put all their grab-and-go snacks in baskets, so you can load up on the items you need throughout all your upcoming adventures. You’ll even find a few bottled drinks in the cold case right below their tiny, yet adorable bakery case.

Upon making it up to the front, put all your swag, bottled drinks, and the like on the counter to add them to your order. Then, let the team know what you’d like to eat and drink. They make every last item to order using the freshest local ingredients. So, you’ll need to find a place to wait yet again while they get to work.

You can either stand around to watch the magic happen or just grab a table if there are any open. They have seats inside and out, making it easy to kick back and relax through to the end of your meal. More often than not, their seats are full up with patrons thinking the same thing, however. So, have a backup plan in place just in case you can’t get a spot.

Stop by to sample their:

Tarzan Coffee
For the perfect mix of island flavors, order a Tarzan Coffee in a 12-, 16-, or 20-ounce cup. They make this drink by brewing up their Kona coffee to perfection. After that, they put it in the cup on its own or over ice, depending on your preferences. Mac-nut syrup joins the party at the end along with your creamer of choice.

Tutu’s Breakfast
When you want to kick off your day with tons of sweetness, don’t hesitate to get Tutu’s Breakfast. This popular meal begins as the chef puts bread in the toaster to get golden brown. Once that’s hot, they slather on the peanut butter, drizzle on the honey, and slice bananas over it all.

Club Sandwich
The Club Sandwich is definitely the way to go when you want the perfect balance of meat and veggies in every bite. This sandwich starts with wheat bread elevated by mayo and mustard. Over that, they pile on the turkey and bacon plus lettuce and tomato galore. Chips come alongside to give your meal the perfect amount of crunch.

If you can’t snag a table, no worries. That just means it’s time to go eat on the waterfront. To do that, just head north to the Holoholokai Beach Park to enjoy your meal right along the oceanside. The picnic tables serve as a fantastic spot to enjoy the views while chowing down on all your coffee shop selections. After that, you can explore the park, walk along the beach, or simply hit the road to your next destination.

Insider Tips:
-Want to use their wi-fi? Just ask for the password and they’ll provide it at no charge. They also have outlets available just in case you need to charge up your devices while you wait in line.
-They serve their breakfast items all day.