Waikoloa Shrimp Co.

Waikoloa Shrimp Co. – Proudly Serving Up Flavorful Island-Style Fare
The Bottom Line:

When hunger strikes, you can never go wrong with a trip to Waikoloa Shrimp Co. This North Shore Big Island eatery’s specialty is Kauai shrimp done right. Friendly service is the name of the game as well, ensuring you feel right at home at every visit.  

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

When you want to get fueled up for memorable Big Island adventures, Waikoloa Shrimp Co. is the place to go, for sure. Located in the Queen’s Marketplace, this popular eatery proudly serves flavorful island-style fare to all its beloved customers. Don’t be fooled—Their unassuming food court setup doesn’t even begin to hint at the deliciousness set to come your way.

As their name implies, head-on Kauai shrimp is their specialty, and they go all out in its preparation. Their shrimp dishes promise to satisfy all your cravings, no matter what flavors you’re in the mood for. Coconut Shrimp, Lemon Pepper Shrimp, and everything in between awaits your arrival day in and day out.

Their offerings don’t just end at shrimp, either. They have a little something for everyone on their menu. If you don’t want seafood, you can go with their Kalua Pig & Cabbage, Lilikoi Chicken Wings, or Garlic Steak. Their plates also come with their housemade sides, beautifully completing your meal with bright, bold flavors.

Since they put their own twist on the classics, their sides bring a little bit of the unexpected to your meal. Their mac salad is made in the traditional way and then hit with crispy bacon to kick it up a notch. And they don’t just serve you pineapple. The crew tops each slice with tasty li hing mui powder to elevate the sweet and sour flavors even more.

Every last order comes out of the kitchen in a takeout container. So, you can either take your meal to go or enjoy it right in the food court. There are many tables set up nearby, giving you space to stretch out and take a break from all of your adventures. If you want to take your meal to go, oceanfront dining awaits at Waikoloa Beach.

Treat yourself to the:

Coconut Shrimp
Get the Coconut Shrimp on the double when you’re in the mood for a sweet crunch in every bite. This dish begins with the preparation of their hand-breaded Kauai shrimp. Honey lilikoi sweet chili dipping sauce goes alongside the shrimp to amp up the flavor even more. Plus, you get white rice, bacon mac salad, and li hing mui pineapple to go with it.

Shrimp Dynamite
For a different take on the shrimp experience, you cannot go wrong in ordering the Shrimp Dynamite. The chef prepares this dish by dipping head-on Kauai shrimp in tempura batter and putting it in the fryer. Once that’s done, it gets topped with their flavorful house sauce trio. All their sides also land in the takeout box to perfectly complete your meal.

Garlic Steak
Get the Garlic Steak when nothing else will do but beefy goodness from beginning to end. This fan favorite features a high-quality strip steak seared to perfection in garlic butter. Crunchy garlic goes on top after it’s taken off the grill, and all their sides arrive at the end to bring it all together.

Lilikoi Chicken Wings
When you want crispy chicken done right, treat yourself to their Lilikoi Chicken Wings. This dish starts with wings tossed in flour and fried until crispy and golden brown. Then, they get tossed in honey lilikoi sweet chili sauce. Green onions and toasted sesame seeds get sprinkled over top, and then all their sides join the party right before serving.

If you want to end your meal with a sweet treat, head back over to check out what’s waiting in the freezer case. They always have a variety of Bradda Pops on hand when you want a frozen treat. Can’t get enough of the li hing mui dipped pineapple? Ask if you can buy a few extra slices for the road.

Insider Tips:
-Check their Instagram page often for special events, like holiday bashes and car shows.
-Expect big portions when ordering. Oftentimes, there’s plenty enough to share if you’re not prepared to sit down for a huge, hearty meal.
-The dining experience can get quite messy when you order the shrimp. Bring extra wet napkins for easy cleanup, or plan to wash up in the bathroom after finishing your meal.