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Basik Acai Cafe -- Plant-Based Superfood For Everyone
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4 / 5
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The Basik Acai Cafe has been offering plant-based and dairy-free super food since 2010. Juices, bowls, and smoothies are provided, as well as acai bowls that may change depending on the season. Grab an outdoor seat on their top deck to enjoy a meal next to the blue Hawaiian ocean.

- The Local Expert Team

Whether you’re on a vacation or living local, finding Hawaiian fare that’s both healthy and delicious can be very difficult. For a wide selection of dishes with an emphasis on raw and natural foods, the Basik Acai Cafe might be the perfect option for you. Enjoy bowls of flavor for every season, and support your body’s natural wellness — one spoonful at a time.

Basik Acai Cafe believes in providing holistic food that promotes wellness for the body, the environment, and the world. The company only supports farmers that operate in fair trade, and purchases locally-grown produce and wild-harvested seeds. All of their fruits and vegetables are organic certified and sustainably sourced from business all over Big Island. It’s food that not only tastes good but makes you feel good as well!

Visitors can find the Basik Acai Cafe on the Westside of Big Island, just feet away from the roaring Pacific Ocean. The building is adjacent to the Royal Kona Resort, making it easy for visitors to stroll down for a meal at any time. Although there are no delivery options, Basik Acai Cafe does provide dine-in and take-out options for a variety of needs. Most visitors love sitting outside near the top deck to enjoy their food in peace, all while devouring raw ingredients with no added sugars, preservatives, or trans fats.

One of the reasons why Big Island visitors just love the Basik Acai Cafe is its convenient location to many other local attractions. Honl’s Beach is just a few miles away, while the Uluwehi Coffee Farm and Sunshower Farms remain a short drive to the east. Just stop by the Basik Acai Cafe for a creamy bowl of goodness to start cooling off, regenerating, and relaxing in the setting sun of the island!

Enjoy health food like you’ve never had it before with one of these popular menu items:

Acai Smoothies
This star player is one of the menu’s most popular options. Take a big scoop of creamy acai mixed with Big Island flavors of papaya, strawberry, banana, and mango. It’s both refreshing and fun, and extremely good for you to boot!

Brazilian Island Acai Bowls
Did someone say ‘flavor?’ This bowl is packed with a sweetness you can’t find anywhere else, with sliced bananas, chopped almonds, sprinkled hemp seeds, and a touch of honey. The Brazilian makes the perfect start to any Hawaiian morning.

The Drifter
A unique spin on the classic acai bowl, visitors are welcome to enjoy succulent combinations of raw cacao, strawberries and bananas, and a hint of hemp milk and honey. Topped with a generous portion of acai, and you’ll have yourself a real treat!

The Forager
Hunt for a flavor encapsulated by wild-harvested goodness. These acai bowls are complete with cinnamon, honey, and plenty of toasted almonds.

Feel good about your body, your meals, and your sustainable impact with a tasty meal from Basik Acai Cafe!

Insider Tips:
-The pros at Basik Acai Cafe have loads of special options for those with dietary restrictions. Multiple vegan options are available, as well as nut and seed alternatives. 
-Basik Acai Cafe goes the extra mile with its packaging and leftovers. Any food waste is composted to improve the vitality of the soil, while all takeout meals are packaged in special containers that break down within 90 days. 
-The store owners at Basik Acai Cafe are known for their enormous portion sizes. Be sure to choose one size under if you’re worried about finishing it all. Small and large sizes can be very deceiving!
-Although the Basik Acai Cafe can get crowded, the wait time is never long at all. In fact, all smoothies and bowls are delivered in two minutes or less — guaranteed by a sign on their menu!