Hawaiian Style Cafe

Hawaiian Style Cafe – Serving Local Favorites in Huge Portions in the Heart of Waimea
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4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Whenever you need to fill up on local favorites for breakfast, lunch, or both, stop by the Hawaiian Style Café. Set in Waimea, this cozy diner lets you start your day out right with fresh, bold flavors in every bite. Their portions are huge, so bring a big appetite or be prepared to take your leftovers with you for later.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

If you work up a big appetite on all your island adventures, put it to good use with a trip over to the Hawaiian Style Cafe. Located in the heart of Waimea, this little diner goes big on the portions while serving up their hearty breakfasts and classic plate lunches. Want to share your meal? No problem! They’ll separate it into two for an extra charge. But it’s really best to take the remainder in a doggie bag for later if you can.

Although Hawaiian Style Cafe stays busy from open until close, reservations are not an option. Instead, you have to arrive ready to wait it out for your chance to grab a table. If you arrive early enough – or come in after the lunch rush – you won’t have much of a wait. Otherwise, you’ll need to write your name on the list beside the counter and relax for a bit until they call your name.

Once you make it into your seat, you’ll get to browse the menu at your leisure. The delightful scents wafting out from the kitchen will undoubtedly kick you into high gear, however. Fortunately, you can expect your order to arrive piping hot and ready to enjoy not long after you put in your request. The kitchen works fast by prepping their ingredients beforehand and using time-honored culinary techniques.

As soon as your order arrives at the table at Hawaiian Style Cafe, you’ll likely end up wondering if your eyes are bigger than your stomach. The portions are absolutely gigantic, after all. The Pancakes come out the size of dinner plates, for example, while the Loco Moco looks like it’s built for the entire family to enjoy. Fortunately, the flavors are just as impressive, making it easy to devour bite after bite of pure deliciousness.

Items awaiting your arrival at Hawaiian Style Cafe include:

Kalua Hash, Two Eggs & Fried Rice
If you like corned beef hash, you’re going to want to try their specialty, the Kalua Hash, Two Eggs & Fried Rice. The kalua hash has just the right amount of pork to potatoes plus the perfect blend of spices to bring it all together. The fried rice brings a wonderful umami flavor to the mix, while the eggs add a creamy touch all their own.

Da Tita Mok
Whenever you order Da Tita Mok, get ready for a loco moco experience unlike any other. This wonderful dish features perfectly sticky white rice covered in a mix of sausage links, Portuguese sausage, and Spam. An egg made how you like it lands on top before brown gravy joins the mix.

Captains Platter
Whenever you’re craving all the best seafood flavors, treat yourself to the Captain’s Platter. To create this dish, they bring together calamari, scallops, breaded cod, and fried shrimp. Although that’s plenty enough to win you over, you also get your choice of rice or fries on the side.  

Since Hawaiian Style Cafe only serves breakfast and lunch, dessert is off the menu. But that doesn’t mean you cannot get your fill of sweet treats. Their pancakes always hit the spot, of course, especially when drizzled with their luscious coconut cream topping. If you prefer something a little lighter, let their fresh fruit satisfy your sweet tooth. You can get a fruit bowl with berries and banana slices or just go with half papaya.

Insider Tips:
-They are a cash-only establishment, but there’s an ATM onsite.
-When you order your pancakes, ask for the butter and syrup or they’ll arrive plain.
-If you cannot find parking out front, go around the back of the building for more spots.
-They’re happy to sub in your side of choice for an extra charge. So, if you want mac salad, just say the word and they’ll make it happen.
-You can get your breakfast made with egg whites only for a small added fee.