Pau Hana Poke

Pau Hana Poke – A Favorite in Kailua-Kona for Ultra-Fresh Fish and Delicious Sides to Match
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

At Pau Hana Poke, they cut and prepare their poke daily using the freshest fish and other Big Island ingredients. Then, they proudly serve up each variety alongside decadent sides to all who swing by their Kailua-Kona eatery. On top of that, they put aloha at the center of all they do, ensuring you feel right at home upon walking through the doors.

- The Local Expert Team

If you’d like to enjoy the freshest poke made using high-quality Big Island ingredients, plan a trip to Pau Hana Poke. At this popular Kailua-Kona restaurant, they go all out in creating bright, flavorful poke of all kinds, including kanpachi, oyster, and ahi, of course.

Then, they throw open their doors to serve the crowds their flavors of choice plus truly scrumptious sides, including edamame, white rice, and scallop mantle salad. As if all that’s not enough, they also sell fresh ahi filets, fish candy, and dessert, too. With advanced notice, they can even create platters of your favorites to serve at your party or other special events.

All their poke creations feature complex flavors all their own, but their ordering process is pure simplicity. They make it easy by simply offering poke in two plate sizes. When you order the Hapaha, you get one scoop of whatever poke you want plus a scoop of rice and two sides of your choice. The Hapalua goes even bigger by allowing you to choose two types of poke, and then adds two sides and two scoops of rice.

For the biggest selection, you must come in early because their most popular poke creations sell out fast. You really cannot go wrong no matter what you order, so don’t hesitate to come in later in the day as well. If they don’t have a flavor you’re dying to try, just come back earlier the next day for another shot.

Once you get your selections, you can grab a seat outside. But it’s often better to take your selections to the beach instead. At the nearby Pine Trees Surfing Beach, you can park yourself on the sand to watch all the action as you chow down. The scenic ocean views complete the picture of perfection, adding even more magic to your dining experience. That said, many patrons don’t even make it out of the parking lot before digging in. The fresh, bold poke flavors are just too powerful to ignore, after all, leaving you going back for bite after bite.

Their most popular poke flavors include:

Kim Chee Taegu Marlin
The Kim Chee Taegu Marlin treats your tastebuds to a wonderful sweet and spicy kick. The marlin has the perfect amount of bite, while their kim chee glaze takes the ocean flavors to the next level.

Hawaiian Style Ono
If you like to keep things simple, just go with the Hawaiian Style Ono. To create this dish, they chop the ono into bite-sized pieces and then toss it with thin-sliced onions. Seasoning goes into the mix next before the whole lot gets diced green onions over top.

Dried Aku
Whenever you see the Dried Aku poke on the menu, don’t hesitate to give it a try. Only available on occasion, this popular dish starts with their rich fish candy. Then, they toss it in a stellar glaze all their own before sprinkling tons of green onions over top.

If you want to end your meal with a sweet kick, set your sights on their Chantilly Ube Rice Pudding. A favorite from Shaka Bradda Kine Snacks, this little dessert promises to satisfy your sweet tooth in an instant. The cute little to-go cups come with just enough to leave you satisfied without weighing you down, too.  They often have other flavors available as well – and Banana Bread, too – just in case ube is not your jam.

Insider Tips:
-Watch their Instagram page for announcements about daily specials, discounts, and the arrival of their ever-popular ahi fish candy.
-Want to wow the guests at your next event? Pre-order their platters full of sashimi, poke, and so much more.
-Although they have fresh ahi filets available every day, you’ll need to call one to two days in advance for other types of fish.