The Rim

The Rim – Fine Food from Local Ingredients Overlooking a Volcanic Crater
The Bottom Line:

While visiting the volcanoes of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, don’t miss a meal at The Rim inside the Volcano House Hotel. You’ll enjoy locally sourced food with a great view of a volcano crater that often glows red after dark.

- The Local Expert Team

Enjoy dining at a restaurant with one of the most dramatic views on the Island of Hawaii, overlooking the Halemaumau Crater and Kilauea Caldera. At night, the restaurant will briefly turn off the lights to allow diners to see lava glowing in the crater.

The Rim is the dining room for the Volcano House Hotel, the only hotel within the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. This dining area features stunning views of the crater at any time of the day. Plus, diners enjoy highly flavorful foods from local meats, seafood, and produce.

The dining area appears plain to some, but the star of the show for all visitors is the view out of the large bank of windows. The most memorable parts of their meals previous diners report are the view and the stellar service from the friendly, knowledgeable staff. They also report favorite dishes from the menu.

Some of the popular dishes at The Rim include the burger, ribeye, and tako appetizer. Other options to consider for your meal include glazed tofu, Kilaeau caesar salad with house-made dressing, local cheese and fruit, fresh catch of the day, seafood rigatoni, stuffed chicken, and lamb chops. You can even enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato bisque if you want comfort food made from quality ingredients.

Don’t miss some of the following tasty favorites from the menu at The Rim:

Big Island Burger
The Big Island Burger uses a large, 8-ounce patty from local Hawaiian beef. Topping the burger are heirloom local tomatoes, house-made pickled onions, arugula from McCall’s Farm, Big Island goat chevre, and aged balsamic. A rich brioche bun from Tin Shack Bakery holds everything together. The kitchen cooks this juicy burger to your requested doneness.

While some people attribute the excellent taste of this burger to their appetites built up by exploring the park, many others note that it is an exceptional burger with tasty toppings cooked to perfection.

If you don’t have a big appetite, consider sharing this large, 8-ounce burger with someone.

Hawaiian Rancher Ribeye
A hearty 14-ounce ribeye ranks as a visitor favorite at The Rim. This well-prepared steak includes fried onions on top infused with sriracha and buttermilk flavors. This steak comes with your choice of two sides. Diners highly recommend garlic mashed potatoes and wild mushrooms. In fact, some would return to The Rim just for another taste of the savory, creamy mashed potatoes.

Furikake Tako
The Furikake Tako appetizer is one starter that guests continue to talk about long after they visit The Rim. This treat batters tako (octopus) with furikake crust for a savory, umami-filled crunch. It includes unagi sauce and a miso ginger aioli. The unique flavors of this dish and expert preparation make it the best tako served in the Hawaiian Islands, according to previous visitors to The Rim. Plus, with generous serving size, the Furikake Tako works best as a shared appetizer or a main dish for a single person with a light appetite.

Visit the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to see in-person active volcanoes. Stay to enjoy a meal at The Rim with a stunning view of the Halemaumau Crater and delicious food for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Insider Tips:
-Dinner requires reservations for a table. Breakfast and lunch are on a walk-in basis.
-Free parking in front of the restaurant or at the visitor’s center across the street.
-Dress warmly if you intend to stay after dark. The high mountain air quickly cools to make a jacket or long sleeves necessary at night.
-Whether you can see lava glowing in the crater from the restaurant at night depends on the volcano’s activity. For a great view anytime, visit The Rim during the day so you can see the beauty of the crater, whether lava flows or not.