Sandwich Isle Bread Company

Sandwich Isle Bread Company – Where to Get French Bakery Fare in the Heart of Paradise
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If you’re looking for fresh baked goods made daily, you just have to set your sights on the Sandwich Isle Bread Company. Located in the heart of Kamuela, this bakery makes every day about whipping up fresh bread, pastries, and cakes galore. Then, they serve it all with aloha to ensure you feel welcome to come by any time you want more bakery treats.

- The Local Expert Team

When nothing else will do but fresh baked goods, you need to zip on over to the Sandwich Isle Bread Company in Kamuela. Every single day centers around the creation of different types of bread, including sourdough, white fruit bread, and cheese bread. On top of that, they have all the best sweet and savory goods imaginable. From Lilikoi Tarts to Ham and Cheese Croissants, they almost always have just what you’re craving – and it’s all made fresh daily.

At this popular bakery, the bread schedule rules the day. The bakers create their most popular bread varieties on a rotating basis to have the freshest offerings on tap. Each Monday, you can expect to find grainy fruit bread, cheese bread, and white fruit bread piping hot fresh out of the oven. Tuesdays are for cinnamon raisin, olive herb, sourdough, rye, buttermilk, multigrain – and so on. The only bread to come fresh out of the oven every day except Friday is their baguettes.

Although the bread keeps the team plenty busy, they still find time to make cookies, cakes, savory croissants, and so much more. Even though they stay busy from morning to night, they never fail to put all the care in the world into creating each item. They build bold flavors using fresh ingredients and time-honored recipes and then go above and beyond with the decorations. Macarons get a drizzle of chocolate plus sprinkles on top, for example, while their cakes come with tropical flower accents.

Upon preparing all their goodies, they artistically display them in their bakery cases all over the shop. So, from the moment you walk in, you get to gaze in awe at all the sweet and savory treats in your midst. While it might feel overwhelming at first, you’ll have a little bit of time to get over it while you stand in line waiting for your turn to order. Their shop stays pretty busy all day, so bring a lot of patience and let their friendly service guide the way to your amazing baked goods experience.

Swing by the get the:

A true exercise in patience, the Macarons come out looking just as good as they taste. They’re double the size of the traditional cookies, too, giving you twice as much delicious flavor in each treat. Their flavor options change on the regular though, so you’ll have to figure out what you want on the fly.

Mac Nut Sticky Bun
Whenever you want to savor all the best island flavors, just go ahead and get the Mac Nut Sticky Bun. This fan-favorite starts with their light and airy sticky bun dough. Then, they add caramel-y macadamia nuts over the top to elevate the flavor experience even more.

Ham and Cheese Croissant
If you’re in the mood for the perfect combination of buttery, meaty, cheesy deliciousness, you cannot go wrong with the Ham and Cheese Croissant. This dish begins with their fresh-baked buttery croissant. Once that’s baked upright, they add ham and cheese to the center before popping it back in the oven until hot and bubbly.

Are you planning a big bash any time soon? If so, you definitely need to ask about their mobile wood-fired pizza oven. They can bring their oven to your party location to wow your guests one by one. You can even ask them to bring the cake, pastries, and other treats needed to pull off the biggest celebration around.

Insider Tips:
-Need to keep it wheat- and gluten-free? Just call ahead to order what you need.
-Come by early in the morning for the best selection. They sell out of their most popular treats early in the day, after all.
-Let the Lilikoi Cake come up to room temperature before serving to enjoy all its flavors to the fullest.