Caffe Florian

Caffe Florian – A Quaint Cafe and Bakery with a Great Ocean View
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4 / 5
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Savor outstanding pastries and desserts with 100% Kona coffee or satisfying meals while enjoying a beautiful view of the ocean at Caffe Florian. Take a pause in your day to visit here and take in the stellar view while you enjoy a treat. The serene cafe setting will help you reset before you take on the rest of the day.

- The Local Expert Team

When you visit Caffe Florian in Kealakekua, you can sit on the patio and watch the ocean. In the morning, you could see surfers coming in for breakfast and to check out the surf conditions from the patio while eating. This popular, quaint cafe has pastries, healthy meals, coffees, and desserts to serve visitors and locals who want a fast, quality meal with a casual bakery atmosphere.

In the center of Kealakekua, this cafe is off the beaten paths that most tourists take. But the trip here is worthwhile for the food and atmosphere. While the cafe itself is not directly on the beach, the elevated patio still offers a fantastic view of the ocean. You’ll want to relax for a while on the outdoor patio area while savoring the food and drinks here.

Foods served at Caffe Florian include a range of freshly baked pastries and meals. Sandwiches include the Veggie Egger and Breakfast panini for breakfast. At lunch, the menu includes multiple options from the classic, comforting peanut butter and jelly to the sophisticated Artichoke and Cheese panini. Make sure to save room for a pastry or other dessert. The Lilikoi Cheesecake is a popular option among visitors as are the Lilikoi Bars and cream puff pastries. If you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, let the staff know when ordering, and they will accommodate your needs.

Don’t miss the coffee drinks here that use 100% Kona coffee beans from the KarmaSu Estate. The staff members roast these beans on-site for the freshest coffee possible. If you enjoy your cup of coffee at Caffe Florian, they sell bags of the KarmaSu Estate beans for you to take home. These bags also make great gifts for those back home when you want them to experience a taste of Kona.

If you don’t like coffee, Caffe Florian has a separate listing of equally good coffee alternatives. Choose from Florian Italian soda, iced or hot tea, hot chocolate, steamed milk with flavoring, and chai tea.

Don’t miss some of the standout favorites on the menu at Caffe Florian:

Veggie Egger
Start your day off with a healthy breakfast by ordering the Veggie Egger. This favored breakfast sandwich includes cheddar cheese, a scrambled egg, aioli, tomato, red onion, spinach, and avocado on an English muffin. Some visitors recommend substituting the muffin for a croissant for more flavor. Unlike many places that only offer sandwiches and charge extra for sides, Caffe Florian offers fresh fruit with the Veggie Egger sandwich.

Lilikoi Cheesecake
Flavored with the tropical essence of passionfruit, the Lilikoi Cheesecake is one of the top desserts people come to Caffe Florian to enjoy. The creamy cheesecake with passionfruit flavor includes a macadamia nut crust and homemade whipped cream. When ordering this dessert, don’t try to split it with anyone. Previous visitors tried to share this dessert and found themselves trying to eat more than their half. The cake was that good. Instead, keep the peace and order each person a slice. Everyone will be happy and no one has to fight over the last bite of the Lilikoi Cheesecake.

The cafe offers assorted quiches daily, and many visitors say that the quiches are the best they’ve had. As with the Veggie Egger, the quiche comes with fresh papaya to provide you with a healthy side to start your day. Ask about the daily assortment of quiches. If you can get them, try the veggie or ham and cheese quiche. Both are savory light breakfast options to get your day going.

Stop by Caffe Florian in the center of Kealakekua when you need to pause and enjoy good food, a great view, and tasty coffee drinks.

Insider Tips:
-Grab a table on the patio balcony for a great view of the ocean.
-Be careful pulling into and out of the parking lot. Spaces back out directly onto the highway, making parking tricky.