Green Flash Coffee

Green Flash Coffee – Get 100% Kona Coffee, Croissants, and More While in Kailua-Kona
The Bottom Line:

Whenever you want to kickstart your day, treat yourself to a trip over to Green Flash Coffee. A family owned and operated joint in Kailua-Kona, this eatery serves freshly brewed 100% Kona coffee, smoothies, and kombucha with a smile. On top of that, they have wonderful croissants, paninis, and everything in between.

- The Local Expert Team

Whenever you want to get energized for your Big Island adventures, start the day at Green Flash Coffee. A Kailua-Kona favorite, this family-owned and operated coffee shop specializes in freshly brewed 100% Kona coffee. Not a fan of coffee? Come by for an ultra-fresh smoothie or housemade kombucha instead. In addition to their awesome beverages, they have delicious croissants, paninis, bagels, and so much more, all ready to kickstart your day.

Word has long since gotten out about all the goodness served up at this shop. So, don’t be surprised if you see a line going out into the parking lot. Even though it looks like a long wait, the team works incredibly fast to whip up each order for their valued patrons. And even though they work fast, the team never compromises on quality, allowing them to perfect the taste and presentation of every last item.

As you wait in line, you can mull over all their menu items to decide just which ones suit your fancy. Then, get ready to put in your order at the front counter. Friendly alohas will come your way as you step up to the register, making you feel right at home in an instant. After that, you just have to let the team know what you’d like to enjoy, and they’ll get to work while you relax nearby.

They have a comfy bench set up for you to use while you wait. So, just kick back and relax while they work hard to make your food and drinks. Then, they’ll call your name once the items are ready to go. Since they’re an incredibly small shop, you’ll definitely want to hit the road with your selections.

There’s a small seating area tucked beneath the foliage around the corner – often complete with geckos to keep you entertained. Or you can take your order to the nearest beach to enjoy while gazing at the breathtaking ocean views. If nothing else, simply enjoy your items in your car before heading out to your next destination. If you go the car route, find a different spot to park first, so the patrons waiting around for a spot can get their order in, too.

Kick your day into high gear with the:

Gianduja Mocha
Well-known as “that hazelnut chocolate thingy,” the Gianduja Mocha promises to tantalize your tastebuds from the very first sip. They make this drink by brewing up their 100% Kona coffee beans. Then, they add chocolate, hazelnut, and milk to the equation, creating a truly delightful flavor experience.

Green Flash Smoothie
When you just want a tropical kick that’ll leave you feeling energized all day, get the Green Flash Smoothie. This drink begins with local papaya, mango, and pineapple. Once the fruits get blended up, they add mint and spinach to kick it up a notch before pouring in the apple juice to thin it down.

Breakfast Croissant
For buttery, flaky deliciousness at your fingertips, treat yourself to the Breakfast Croissant. This breakfast favorite starts with a warm croissant split in half. To that, they add an egg, cheese, and your choice of ham, turkey, or bacon. Once all that’s put together, they can either serve it as is or put it on the grill to get melty. Want spinach, too? Just ask and they’ll pile it on before serving. 

Their baristas happily sub out dairy for alternative milks, like almond, soy, or rice, for an additional charge. Split cups, blended drips, and additional shots of syrup or coffee all cost extra, too. You can even get subs for any standard ingredients used in their breakfast fare. But like the other changes, you’ll just need to pay a little bit more to make it happen.

Insider Tips:
-They offer discounts to locals and military members with ID.
-There is minimal parking in their lot. So, you may have to wait a few minutes for a spot to open up.