Surf Burger

Surf Burger - A Fun and Fast Pit Stop When You're on the Go
Local Expert's Rating:
3.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Surf Burger is located right next to Kohala Burger & Taco, and they have the same owner. However, while Kohala is known for its laid-back service and a slightly pricier menu, Surf Burger is known to get people in and out quickly. This is definitely the place to stop if you want affordable burgers, shakes, and fries without having to wait. 

- The Local Expert Team

Surf Burger is located next to another burger joint, but it’s not a direct competition. Kohala Burger & Taco is run by the same owner as Surf Burger and is designed to catch a crowd that wants a faster lunch or dinner than its next-door neighbor can provide. The marketing for this spot is pretty straightforward. The lunch spot sells burgers, fries, and frosties, which would sound pretty good to anyone who’s spending a day in the waves and just needs a little energy to get back up and out there. 

Affordable, quick, and environmentally responsible, Surf Burger is designed for people who don’t have a lot of time to kill. Plus, for a place with a somewhat limited menu, they do offer a number of options to customize your order to your liking. 

When you’re at Surf Burger in Waimea, try the following:

Bailout Burger Box 
A Bailout burger is made with 100% grass-fed beef raised in Hawaii and served on a hot toasted brioche bun. Accouterments include lettuce and tomato on the burger and fries in the box. Options for American or cheddar cheese, grilled onions, or bacon. 

Good Vibes Burger 
If you’d prefer to skip the beef, the Good Vibes burger is a chipotle black bean patty with shredded lettuce, tomato, and surf sauce. This order option can be served with cheese and onions or without, making it a good choice for vegetarians and vegans alike. 

Tsunami Slaw 
A Tsunami slaw on a hot day isn’t just satisfying for a surfing crowd, it’s delicious for everyone. When the sun starts to heat up, ordering a side of this can really help you cool off. 

French Fries 
The beef might be Hawaiian but the potatoes are all Idaho. These shoestring French fries are simply seasoned with Kosher salt, but you can make them your own with your choice of side sauce. Try Asian mayo, teriyaki, spicy garlic aioli, creamy ranch, surf sauce, or the classic ketchup/mustard combo. You can even get really wild and opt for taco sauce. 

Double Burger Bowl 
With a slogan of ‘all the fun, spare the bun’, this reduced carb meal is two handcrafted patties served atop shredded iceberg lettuce, shaved onion, sliced tomatoes, house pickles, and your choice of dressing. It’s a satisfying way to get your protein in for the day. 

Surf Burger may not have a lot of choices, but the menu it does have was chosen to appeal to the visitors and locals who don’t want to be slowed down just because they’re craving lunch. Regulars appreciate that the quick-serve restaurant doesn’t skimp on quality and takes the time to make its own patties from grass-fed beef. From the toasted bun to the plethora of sauces available, there are a lot of flavors to be found when you’re looking for decent fast food. 

Insider Tips:
-Surf Burger has very limited seating, as it’s designed as a to-go place. If you want more of a sit-down meal, try its sister business, Kohala Burger & Taco.
-You can find online ordering on the website for even faster service. 
While it’s a fairly limited menu, you can find vegetarian options.