Manago Hotel and Restaurant

Manago Hotel Restaurant – Serving Ono Meals in a Historic Eatery on the Island of Hawaii
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4 / 5
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When cravings for homecooked meals strike out of the blue, you simply must stop by Manago Hotel Restaurant to see what they’re serving up. At this popular Island of Hawaii eatery, they’ve been doing things the same way for over 100 years. Their décor has stayed the same as well, allowing you to step back in time for a meal to remember.

- The Local Expert Team

To enjoy a home-cooked meal while stepping back in time, you just have to go to Manago Hotel Restaurant. At over 100 years old, it’s well-known as the oldest restaurant on the Island Hawaii and it shows. Although nothing is run down, the décor serves as a blast from the past, as do the photos, newspaper clippings, and relics all around.

Their wood panel walls, landscape paintings, and diner-style seating all set the stage for an amazing meal. On top of that, as you take in the view of this historic eatery, you’ll instantly feel right at home thanks to their truly welcoming atmosphere. Within just a few moments, you can expect your server to offer a warm Aloha and encourage you to take a seat at your table of choice.

You’ll then receive your menu and a refreshing glass of ice water plus get a chance to order up any drinks or apps you want from the start. If you’re not sure, that’s no problem. You’re welcome to pour over the menus at Manago Hotel Restaurant for as long as you’d like. All throughout the menu, they have page after page of homecooked Hawaiian food done right.

Whether you come in for breakfast or arrive in time to order off the lunch/dinner menu, you’re definitely in for a treat at Manago Hotel Restaurant. You just have to order your main entrée and they’ll take care of the rest. The side dishes vary depending on what they’ve whipped up for the day. They come out right before your main entrée and promise to complement the flavors just right.

Ever since they opened their doors, they’ve stayed true to their time-honored recipes. They always use the freshest local ingredients whenever possible and honor their roots by using the same cooking techniques as always. The results are ono-licious, leaving you planning your return trip in no time flat.

The must-try items from Manago Hotel Restaurant include:

With their fluffy texture and mildly sweet flavor, the Pancakes are a tried-and-true breakfast favorite. Your double stack comes with your choice of breakfast meat, such as Portuguese sausage, bacon, or Spam. On top of that, you get two eggs, toast or rice, and a drink.

Pork Chops
A definite local treasure, the Pork Chops are tender, juicy, and oh-so-flavorful. Before cooking, they season and lightly bread the pork chops to create a thick crust on the outside as they fry up. Each one is done to perfection, arriving at your table in huge portions and ready to impress you from the first bite to the last.

When you want all the best flavors of the ocean in every bite, you cannot go wrong with the Butterfish from Manago Hotel Restaurant. They create this dish by slicing two fresh butterfish filets and then grilling them until flaky and tender. Once they plate them up, they add a dash of miso to the side and let you dress your fish at the table or just dip each bite before you gobble it down.  

As you enjoy your meal, your server will stop by at all the right moments to see if you need anything. Just let them know if you’d like any refills, sauces, napkins, or anything else you can think up. The quality service at Manago Hotel Restaurant will have you feeling like the guest of honor at every visit. So, don’t hesitate to ask for what you need to enjoy the best dining experience ever.

Insider Tips:
-To get to the restaurant, just walk in through the front doors and go through the door right past the guest waiting area.
-Their dishes come in huge portions, so expect to take the remainder in a doggie bag unless you bring a big appetite.
-If you cannot find parking in the lot, just look for a spot along the side of the road.