TK Noodle House Kona

TK Noodle House Kona – Enjoy Pure Deliciousness Made Using Ultra-Fresh Big Island Ingredients
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Whenever you’re craving all the best noodle-y goodness elevated with bright, bold flavors, set your sights on TK Noodle House Kona. Their commitment to using ultra-fresh Big Island ingredients makes their dishes a must-try experience. Then, they bring it all together with a welcoming atmosphere that promises to make you feel right at home.  

- The Local Expert Team

Are you looking for super delicious noodle dishes made with ultra-fresh Big Island ingredients? If so, you need to take a trip over to TK Noodle House Kona. Set right by Kailua Bay, this Asian fusion restaurant always goes big on the flavor and the portions. They expertly transform all their ingredients using proven culinary techniques and top-notch recipes passed down through the generations. Everything comes out spectacular each time, too, making it well worth stopping by whenever cravings strike.

As a counter service establishment, they make it easy to get whatever dishes you want on the double. You just have to browse the menu upon walking through the doors, and then step upfront to let them know what you want. While you do that, you’ll need to decide if you want to skip the heat or go all out in the spiciness. Just beware the hottest spice level as it’ll likely leave you sweating if you’re not accustomed to spicy flavors.

After that, tell the cashier if you’d like to enjoy your selections in-house or take your items to go. As soon as the kitchen gets news of your selections, the chef will get right to work in whipping up your order. Although they work fast, they never cut corners in preparing each dish. You can bet that all the ingredients – down to the sauce – come out perfectly cooked every time. Then, they go all out in plating each dish with flair, so you’re 100% impressed at first glance.

While you wait, you’re welcome to grab a table, and then kick back and relax while smelling the heavenly scents coming from the kitchen. Your server will whisk your items out as soon as they’re done. You can then dig in with confidence that every last bite will taste as good as it looks.

Their top dishes include:

Shrimp Dynamite
Want to enjoy a wicked good crunch elevated by a spicy kick? Just start out your meal with the Shrimp Dynamite. They make this popular appetizer by dipping shrimp in batter and taking them for a swim in the deep fryer until golden brown. Then, they pile them on the plate and drizzle on the spicy aioli, wasabi aioli, unagi sauce, and sweet chili.

If you’re a fan of fried noodles, chicken, and veggies, you definitely need to try their take on Yakisoba. They start with thin-cut chicken grilled up to perfection, and then add a vegetable medley all their own. After that, the egg noodles bring it all together before the garlic shoyu sauce takes the flavors to the next level.

Spicy Oxtail Udon
When nothing else will do but bold, beefy decadence, treat yourself to the Spicy Oxtail Udon. This dish begins with oxtail braised until fork-tender and bursting with flavor. While that cooks, they prepare their medium spicy beef broth and add a veggie medley, cilantro, and udon noodles. The oxtail pieces land on top of it all, putting all that beefiness front and center.

Although they serve every dish in huge portions, you absolutely need to save room for dessert. Their strawberry and coconut shave ice helps cool down the spice in an instant. But their Fried Cheesecake is the way to go when your sweet tooth starts acting up. With all its rich, creamy flavors in every bite, there’s perhaps no better way to end your dining experience.

Insider Tips:
-If you end up with leftovers, ask for a takeout box for a nominal charge.
-If you’re in a rush, you’re welcome to call in your order well before leaving your hotel.
-Can’t get out the door to pick up your noodles? Just call for delivery instead.
-Watch their Facebook page for special pre-order events, like their Super Bowl Pho made with fresh lobster, braised beef ribs, and so much more.