Eagle’s Lighthouse Cafe

Eagle's Lighthouse Café – A Top-Tier Sandwich Shop Located Near Volcanoes National Park
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Well-known as a top-tier sandwich shop, Eagle’s Lighthouse Café always goes big on flavor in everything they make. Their sammies easily steal the show, but island-style plate lunches, soups, and baked goods beautifully round out their offerings. Plus, they’re set right near the Volcanoes National Park, so you can stop in any time you need to fuel up for your adventures.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

At Eagle’s Lighthouse Café, they go above and beyond in handcrafting truly decadent sandwiches to remember. Then, they take their offerings to the next level with island-style plate lunches, baked goods, and everything in between. Their location near Volcanoes National Park always sets the stage for an amazing meal, too. So, you can always count on it serving as a great place to go when you need to get energized for all your island adventures.

As a counter service establishment, this eatery lets you simply walk right up front to put in your order. You’re welcome to browse the menu at your leisure first, of course, and ask the cashier any questions you might have. While doing that, look beyond the static menu on the wall to explore all their newest creations. They usually post printed signs all around the bakery cases showing what they have available that day.

After that, you just have to let them know what you’d like to enjoy that day. If you’re getting a sandwich, then you’ll start by selecting between their Volcano Three Seed, Oatmeal White, and Cranberry Walnut Bread. After that, you’ll add your meat, cheese, and veggies of choice. Condiments get selected last to bring it all together. Don’t forget to add a drink and whatever sides you want with your sammie, including their awesome Local Style Potato Macaroni Salad.

Once you make your selections, you can find a table and wait for your items to come out. They have a couple of seats inside the eatery, but it’s comfier to sit outside. You can grab a seat on the covered patio or head out to one of the umbrella tables near the parking lot. Either way, the sunshine beautifully punctuates your meal, while the fresh island air is a true delight always. While you kick back and relax, the kitchen gets busy in whipping up all your selections.

If you let them know you’d like your meal to go, they’ll have it boxed up and ready for the road. Otherwise, they’ll put it all on a tray for you to carry out to your table. You can then simply enjoy the chill atmosphere while you savor all the pure deliciousness brought your way.

Definitely try their:

Fried Rice Bowl
A fan favorite on their all-day breakfast menu, the Fried Rice Bowl promises to kick your day into high gear. They make this bowl by frying white rice with peas and carrots in light sesame oil. After that, they scramble eggs until light and fluffy, and then throw them on top of the rice right before serving.

Lasagna with Garlic Bread
For layer after layer of cheesy excellence, go with the Lasagna with Garlic Bread. This standing Wednesday special starts with a robust meat sauce made using fresh, local ingredients. Once that’s done, they layer it in a pan with lasagna noodles and tons of cheese. The whole lot goes in the oven until hot and bubbly, and then a big slice arrives at your table with garlic bread on the side.

Sourdough Bread Bowl
When it’s a soup kind of day, you cannot go wrong with the Sourdough Bread Bowl. They make this entrée by pouring your soup of choice right in the center of a hollowed-out sourdough round. You’ll need to first decide what kind of soup to get, like their Vegetarian Chili or Portuguese Bean Soup. Then, they’ll prepare it as directed and put a small salad alongside for good measure.

When you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, you just have to explore their baked goods. Their selections rotate out often, but they’re always super delicious. They keep them all on full display in their bakery cases next to the front counter. Depending on when you come by, you might find carrot cake, guava chiffon cake, and other desserts boxed up by the slice. Or you might just have a chance to try their flavorful bread pudding, cinnamon rolls, and tarts instead.

Insider Tips:
-The desserts can get a bit melty in the sun, so wait until after your meal to order what you want.
-If you’re heading out for fun island adventures, consider grabbing extra baked goods as a snack for later.
-Do not leave any frosted cakes in your car while you explore the island – or you’ll likely come back to a melty mess.