Sweet Journey Soft Serve

Sweet Journey Soft Serve – Ultra-Creamy Artisan Ice Cream Proudly Served in Kailua-Kona
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5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

When nothing else will do but plant-based, dairy-free, and organic ice cream treat, get on over to Sweet Journey Soft Serve. Set in the heart of Kailua-Kona, this little shop goes all out in handcrafting its goodies using fresh, local ingredients. Aloha stays at the center of all they do, too, so you’ll feel warmly welcomed through the doors.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Want to nosh on ultra-delicious ice cream in paradise? Just plan a trip to Sweet Journey Soft Serve to get your fill. At this Kailua-Kona shop, they go above and beyond in creating their plant-based, dairy-free, and organic soft-serve ice cream. They only use the highest quality local ingredients, too, while handcrafting their artisan goodies daily. On top of that, they put their bright aloha spirit into every interaction, so you always feel right at home.

To experience the magic-infused into all their creations, you just have to waltz on by and put in your order at the front counter. Just be ready to stand in line for a while before you get that chance. Their dessert shop stays super busy all throughout the day, especially during the tourist season. While you wait, you can hem and haw over all the amazing ice cream flavors, toppings, and more.

You’ll need the extra time to decide between all the configurations anyway. That way, you’re ready to build your own upon reaching the front of the line. Their four-step build-your-own process starts with the selection of your soft-serve dessert setup. You can get your ice cream as a classic cone, tasty sundae, or imaginative hurricane drink. After that, choose between their Vanilla, Chocolate, Pink Aloha, and Blueberry Ube ice cream flavors.

With your ice cream selected at center stage, it’s time to put on the toppings. They have a variety of basic toppings available, including cacao tabs, coconut flakes, and waffle cone chunks. Or you can upgrade to the premium toppings, like cookie dough, bananas foster, and mint chips, for an additional charge.

Although the toppings might feel decadent enough all on their own, you’ll still want to finish off your creation with their housemade drizzle. You can get a coconut caramel, passion fruit, or dark chocolate drizzle poured all over your ice cream, taking its bold flavors to the next level. Yum!

Their base ice cream flavors are:

Simple yet wholly delicious, the Vanilla soft-serve ice cream is a great choice. They make this flavor by creating their dairy-free, plant-based, and organic ice cream base. Then, they add Grade A island-grown vanilla beans to the mix to elevate its rich, sweet flavors even more.

When you want decadent chocolatey flavors in every last bite, Chocolate ice cream is the way to go. To build its amazing flavor profile, they only use the highest-quality island-grown chocolate. So, you can count on the richness coming through as you enjoy your soft-serve creation.

Pink Aloha
The Pink Aloha takes your ice cream experience to the next level with bright, fruit flavors throughout. This delightful ice cream starts with its rich and creamy base. Then, they add ripe dragonfruit and strawberries by the boatload to amp it up even more.

Blueberry Ube
When you want to go on an iconic island ice cream journey, let the Blueberry Ube lead the way. This handcrafted delicacy features equal parts island ube and blueberry at its heart. The unlikely pairing adds a wonderfully sweet and tart kick to the ice cream, serving as the perfect base for all your toppings.

In addition to their build your own Hurricanes, Cones, and Sundaes, they’ve rolled out a variety of shakes for your consideration. When you need a quick pick-me-up, the Cold Brew Coffee shake is a hit, for sure. This drink features organic cold brew Hippie coffee paired with organic ice cream, Hawaiian vanilla bean, chocolate, and macadamia nut milk. Prefer a fruity kick? Get the Tropical Blast instead for a mix of passion fruit, papaya, and vanilla flavors.

Insider Tips:
-There’s no limit to how many toppings you can get as long as you’re ready to pay the extra charge.
-Follow their Facebook page for announcements about special events, including live music performances at the café.
-Since they make their flavors fresh each day, they often sell out of the most popular options by the afternoon. So, come by early to avoid missing out on your preferred soft-serve ice cream flavors.