Original Big Island Shave Ice

Original Big Island Shave Ice Co. – Where to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in Waikoloa
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4 / 5
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If you’d like to get a taste of shave ice done right, you need to take a trip over to the Original Big Island Shave Ice Co. in Waikoloa. At this quaint shop, they go big on the tropical flavors, chocolate-y goodness, and a whole lot more. Their quality service takes the experience to the next level, too, ensuring you always walk away wholly impressed.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

When you’re craving sweet frozen treats to remember, there’s perhaps no better place to go than the Original Big Island Shave Ice Co. in Waikoloa. Located right in the Kings’ Shops, this little dessert shop offers all the best shave ice flavors, add-ins, and toppings. On top of that, they have the highest quality of service around, always taking the time to send plenty of aloha your way.

In order to get a taste of their wickedly good creations, you’ll definitely need to be ready to stand in line. Pretty much every day of the week, eager patrons line up for a chance to try their signature creations – or even build one of their own. You could spend up to an hour waiting around for your chance to get up front and put in your order.

Thankfully, their sweet treats are well worth all that standing around, so do your best to stick with it. You can use all that extra time to browse their popular shave ice flavor combos, like Almond Joy, Strawberry Sundae, and Root Beer Float. In the mood for something a little different? Give their Green Tea a try to get a mix of matcha, vanilla, and condensed cream flavors, plus azuki beans and mochi for good measure.

If you’re feeling rather creative, then you can dream up your own flavor combo. To do that, you’ll need to select your size, and then decide if you want a single scoop of ice cream as the base. After that, you’ll want to choose up to three flavors from their real fruit, artificial, and cream syrups. Then, at the very end, their delightful toppings, like li hing mui powder, fruit jellies, and haupia drizzle, all await your selection.

Once your items are ready, you’re welcome to hit the road to enjoy bite after bite on the go. Or grab a table right outside if one’s open. Either way, the bright flavors in every spoonful will definitely have you coming back for more in no time flat.

Swing by to try:

Mana’s Chantilly
For a true classic, you simply have to get the Mana’s Chantilly. This signature treat starts with mac nut ice cream as the base. They put on the shave ice over that and add chocolate syrup by the boatload. Condensed cream, chantilly drizzle, and whipped cream go over the top of that. After that, chopped mac nuts get sprinkled on to finish it off right.

If you’re looking for a truly interesting flavor combination, go with the HaloHalo, for sure. This delightful dessert features ube ice cream and shave ice drizzled with sweet potato cream syrup. Then, they add cantaloupe, boba, fruit jellies, azuki beans, condensed cream, and whipped cream over top.

Pineapple Cream
Do you absolutely adore Dole Whip? If so, you need to try the Pineapple Cream shave ice. To make this creation, they put a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the bottom. To that, they add shave ice-covered in pineapple cream syrup. Condensed cream goes over that before whipped cream lands on top.

If you want to flex your love for OG shave ice, get their swag while you’re ordering your dessert. They have fun trucker hats, t-shirts, and so much more, all emblazoned with their logo. You can then gear up and hit the road to share your adoration of their shop on all your travels. Get all the gear you want while you’re there though because they don’t sell any of it online.

Insider Tips:
-When adding toppings, keep in mind that each one is an extra charge.
-The natural syrup flavors are not quite as sweet as the artificial ones.
-They are a cash-only establishment, so go to the ATM before hopping in line.
-Feel free to ask to sub out flavors, add-ins, and toppings as you wish. There might be an extra charge though.