Kula Shave Ice

Taste Outstanding All-Natural Treats for the Whole Family at Kula Shave Ice in Hilo
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5.0 / 5
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Visit Kula Shave Ice in the Hilo Farmers Market, and give in to your need for a sweet treat made with real fruit and other all-natural ingredients. Chill out from the heat with shave ice, acai bowls, and more from this popular shave ice spot.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Not all shave ice has the same quality or flavor. Kula Shave Ice in Hilo uses organic, real fruits and other all-natural ingredients in its shave ice and other treats. Visitors can taste the ingredients that make the shave ice at Kula taste better than others. Numerous visitors cited this spot as their favorite shave ice stop on the Island of Hawaii.

The owners at Kula Shave Ice set out to create healthier shave ice for the community and a more sustainable eatery for the environment. They meet their first goal by using organic, local, all-natural ingredients. Fruit syrups for the shave ice start with local fruits, triple-filtered water, and organic sugar cane. Acai bowls and coffee drinks also use organic ingredients for better-tasting, healthier treats.

Sustainability is also important to Kula Shave Ice’s mission. Therefore, you won’t see single-use, nonrecyclable plastics. Instead, the owners choose to use more sustainable compostable options. They also encourage customers to bring their own bowls for acai or shave ice.

While shave ice ranks as the most well-known section of the menu, Kula Shave Ice offers other items. Acai bowls, smoothies, ice creams, and coffee drinks add to the menu. These tasty treats make a trip to Kula Shave Ice worthwhile for breakfast or a light meal if you get an acai bowl filled with fresh fruits and granola.

If you have a special diet, Kula Shave Ice will likely have an option for you. Their menu offerings include vegan haupia cream toppings, vegan coconut ice cream, sugar-free shave ice flavors, and gluten-free granola.

Since Kula Shave Ice makes your treats when you order them, feel free to customize your dessert or add to an existing option. For example, a popular addition to many of the menu shave ice options is haupia cream or poi. The menu is so varied that many visitors frequently return over several days to sample a variety of options. You may want to do the same after trying some of the delicious desserts from the Kula Shave Ice menu.

When you visit, try one or more of these recommended treats from Kula Shave Ice:

Big Island Love with Haupia Cream
The ultimate shave ice with tropical fruit flavors is the Big Island Love. This flavor combination tops the finely shaved ice with lime and coconut syrups, fresh papaya, and condensed coconut milk. Though this dessert does not come with haupia cream on top, most visitors recommend it. The coconut whipped cream topping enhances the overall flavor of the Big Island Love shave ice.

The Local with Poi
The Local is another fan-favorite shave ice combination at Kula. This dessert comes with lilikoi and soursop syrups over finely shaved ice. A topping of haupia cream adds extra creaminess suitable for vegans. To get poi with this combo, you must request it as an add-on. However, previous visitors noted that the poi added an earthiness that balances the sweet shave ice flavors. Also, consider adding the homemade mochi on top a soft, chewy texture on top.

The Poi Bowl
The acai bowls are not the only fruit-based options that double as meals at Kula Shave Ice. The Poi Bowl is another hearty dish that combines the great tastes of fresh fruits and more. A layer of poi on the bottom forms this dish’s base. Atop the base, you get peanut butter, chia seeds, macadamia nuts, honey, papaya, banana slices, and granola. Enjoy this bowl on your own for a light meal or share it with someone else as a snack.

Acai Cone
Sometimes, you want the flavors of an acai bowl without the bowl. Enjoy a cooling Acai Cone instead. This portable dessert includes soft serve acai in a waffle cone topped with a homemade chocolate shell and chopped macadamia nuts. It is a healthy, dairy-free alternative to ice cream that still feels indulgent.

Feel good about your indulgence in shave ice, acai bowls, ice cream, or coffee drinks by visiting Kula Shave Ice in Hilo. Your freshly made treat will have the freshest, healthiest ingredients available for a great-tasting snack.

Insider Tips:
-Crowds quickly build during the middle of the day. Arrive early if you don’t want to wait. Typical wait times during the middle of the day can average 15 minutes. They give you a pager to alert you to pick up your order, so you don’t have to wait at the pickup window. 
-Park behind the farmers market on a gravel lot or choose street parking for the closest spots to this shave ice stop.