Black Rock Pizza

Black Rock Pizza – A Great Spot in Captain Cook for Handcrafted Pizza, Brews, and Views
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5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

If you’re truly passionate about pizza, then you need to try what they’re cooking up at Black Rock Pizza. A definite local favorite, this Captain Cook pizzeria handcrafts every last pizza pie to order. Then, they serve them up with all the brews and views you could ever want.

- The Local Expert Team

As a true pizza connoisseur, you definitely need a trip to Black Rock Pizza in your life. At this Captain Cook pizza parlor, they go all out in handcrafting pure deliciousness to order, ensuring every slice lives up to your wildest expectations. Then, they serve them up in style alongside icy cold brews and breathtaking views to remember.

All their traditional pizzas start with their scratch-made artisan dough whipped up fresh every single day. Then, when your order hits the kitchen, the talented team gets to work in hand tossing the dough to your desired size. Their housemade gourmet sauces go over the dough next, followed by whatever toppings suit your fancy. After that, it all goes for a spin in the oven until crispy on the bottom and bubbly up top.

In order to get a taste of their pizza perfection, you first have to decide what flavors you want to enjoy. They have a wide variety of specialty recipes available, of course, like their Pesto Chicken, Spicy Pepperoni, and Mauna Veggie creations. Although all those are plenty good, the real magic lies in dreaming up your own flavor combinations.

To start, you must choose from their many amazing gourmet sauces made each day, like the Zesty Red Sauce, Beyond Bechamel White, and Kiawe Mango Smokey BBQ. Craving something well beyond the norm? Start your journey with their Sausage Gravy as your sauce of choice.

Once you get your sauce selection pinned down, decide if you’re okay with whole milk mozzarella – or if you want cheddar, goat cheese, or even smoked mozz instead. Then, it’s time to pile on all the toppings of your choice to finish off your creation. After your pizza cruises through the oven, it arrives on your table piping hot and ready to enjoy.

From there, you can enjoy phenomenal views of the lush tropical landscape while chowing down. Don’t forget to elevate your dining experience even more by sipping on cold brews, wine, or any other drinks that sound awesome to you. Your server will happily keep them coming throughout your meal, allowing you to enjoy your visit to the max.

You need to try the:

Pepperoni Rolls
To get a taste of their pizza excellence, order the Pepperoni Rolls while you wait for your pies to bake. This appetizer starts with their top-notch dough, which then gets filled with mozzarella and pepperoni. After a trip through the oven, the rolls end up hot, melty, and golden brown, ready for dipping in their zesty red sauce.

Chokealicious Breakfast All Day
An unlikely fan favorite, the Chokealicious Breakfast All Day is a pizza unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. This iconic pie starts with their luscious dough slathered in sausage gravy. Then, they add mozzarella, green pepper, red onion, jalapenos, and more sausage. As if that’s not enough, they top it with crispy hash browns, bacon, and cheddar cheese before baking it up right.

Hoi Boi Pizza
Another delightfully delicious pizza, the Hoi Boi promises to tantalize your tastebuds with its spicy yet tropical flavor profile. They make this pizza by slathering their house Asian hoisin BBQ sauce over top. Then, they add mozzarella, kalua pork, jalapenos, fresh pineapple, and smoked mozzarella. After it bakes up perfectly, they add a drizzle of their rock sauce to bring it all together.

Although it might sound like a tall order, you absolutely must save room for their decadent Cannoli. This housemade dessert starts with creamy ricotta filling piped into fried pastry dough. Then, they pop chocolate chips on both ends, drizzle it with chocolate sauce, and sprinkle cocoa powder and powdered sugar all over the top. Can’t manage to save enough room? Get it to go instead.  

Insider Tips:
-Want to keep it gluten-free? Ask about their cauliflower crust.
-If you prefer to keep dairy out of the mix, go with their tasty vegan cheese.
-In a hurry? Put in your order through their website and they’ll have it ready when you get there.
-Their parking lot is rather cramped, so take it super slow when pulling in and leaving after your meal.