5 Spice Restaurant

5 Spice Restaurant – Serving Hilo Delightful Asian Fusion Fare and Classic Sweet Treats
The Bottom Line:

5 Spice Restaurant, offers all the tantalizingly delicious hot meals and snacks you could ever want. A true Hilo favorite, their offerings begin with their crack seeds and other sweets. Then, they follow it up by serving scrumptious Asian-Hawaiian fusion dishes on demand.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

When you want a hot meal followed by tasty sweets and other snacky goodness, get on over to 5 Spice Restaurant. Set in the Puainako Center, this Hilo eatery specializes in serving up Asian-Hawaiian fusion dishes on the double. Patrons come from far and wide to enjoy their crack seeds and other tasty snacks. But end up staying for Chicken Katsu, Meat Jun, and all the other decadent dishes on their menu.

If you want to do the same, you’ll just need to find a spot in their small parking lot. Then, waltz right through the doors to start browsing all their awesome snacks. They have crack seeds, of course, which are preserved fruits and such covered in even more flavor and preservatives. You can find Licorice Plums, Chili Pepper Papaya, Candied Lemon Peel, Black Vinegar Ginger, and everything in between all packaged and ready to go. They also have tons of sweet treats, like lemon-dusted gummy bears, so you can satisfy your candy cravings in an instant.

Once you select all the crack seeds, candies, and more that catch your eye, go up to the front counter to put in your order for hot food as well. You’ll want to take a minute to browse the short but sweet menu full of homecooked fare. After that, simply let them know what you want to eat, check out, and then find a quiet spot to wait. You can continue browsing all their snacks, of course, but that often results in buying even more. If you want to avoid that, just head outside for a few minutes to wait for them to prepare your food.

After your order is ready, they’ll put it on the front counter for pick up. They’re strictly a takeout establishment, so you’ll need to take your items elsewhere to enjoy them. If you want to eat on the water, go north to Reeds Bay Beach Park. But if you’d like to dig in right away, then Lokahi Park is a fantastic spot for a quiet picnic lunch. No matter where you end up, you’ll be planning your trip back for more food soon after taking the first bite.

Definitely try the:

French Toast
When you want to start the day off right, treat yourself to the French Toast. Only served from 6 am to 11 am, this dish features French toast dipped in batter and fried until golden brown. Alongside that, they add breakfast meats of your choice plus whatever syrup you’d like.

Loco OMG
When your appetite just won’t quit, go with the Loco OMG to quiet it down a bit. This dish features a triple helping of rice, patties, and eggs all covered in rich, savory gravy. As if that’s not enough, they put your choice of salad alongside to bring it all together.

Furikake Fish
Whenever cravings for fried fish arise, you can count on the Furikake Fish to delight your senses. This dish starts with hand-breaded fish that’s fried to perfection. Then, they add a big scoop of white rice and a fresh salad on the side. Want a different side? Just let them know and they’ll swap out the greens for mac salad, sweet potato salad, or any of their other offerings.   

If you’re throwing a big party, be sure to call well in advance to order their platters. They’re happy to create whatever platters you think will wow your crowd the most. Start with appetizers, like their Gyoza and Spam Musubi, and then round out your offerings with Kalbi, Katsu, and so much more. Don’t forget to put out the candy dishes full of crack seeds, dried fruit, and other sweet treats. 

Insider Tips:
-Check their whiteboard for the daily specials before putting in your order.
-Select from the prepackaged snacks whenever possible. If you want anything from the jars, ask for assistance.
-You must call at least two hours in advance if you want platters to go.
-If you’re in their service area, they offer free delivery on orders over $40. You must still provide a tip, however.
-Want to avoid a long wait? Call in your order before leaving the hotel.