Hualalai Grille

Hualalai Grille – Enjoy Fine Dining Cuisine While Gazing at the Stunning Hualalai Golf Course
The Bottom Line:

Whenever you want to enjoy fine dining cuisine in an exquisite setting, you cannot go wrong with a trip over to Hualalai Grille. Located in the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, this upscale eatery rolls out the best grass-fed meat and the sides to match. Their drinks are second to none, too, letting you sip the night away while watching all the action on the golf course. 

- The Local Expert Team

The Hualalai Grille is the place to go when you want to enjoy fine dining cuisine while gazing upon the beautiful golf course. Set right in the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, this upscale restaurant goes big on the grass-fed meat creations while rolling out decadent sides to match. Beyond that, they run a full bar where you can get tropical cocktails, wine by the glass, and craft brews galore.

Since their restaurant serves an intimate setting, you’ll want to book your table well ahead of time. Otherwise, you’re bound to have a long wait ahead, especially if you arrive during the dinner rush. Either way, get ready for a truly mind-blowingly beautiful dining room design upon walking through the doors. Hardwood accents throughout pair wonderfully with the lush greenery all around, reminding you that you’re dining in paradise.

If you can break your gaze away from the dining room design, you’ll get even more phenomenal views out of the huge picture windows. The restaurant sits right on the Hualalai Golf Course, overlooking the 18th hole. Stunning palm trees frame the blue skies and create a true picture of perfection for all to enjoy. The amazing views from every angle create a serene ambiance, while the friendly service will have you feeling right at home.

Your server will always go all out in helping you enjoy the finest dining experience on the island. They’ll bring out your drinks right away, get your orders to the kitchen with quickness, and then deliver every last item with flair. If you need anything at all during your visit, just let your server know and they’ll make it happen.

The talented chefs put just as much care into the preparation of your selections as well. They only use the freshest local ingredients to take their imaginative recipes to the next level. Then, they artistically plate up every item to ensure it looks as good as its tastes. So, be sure to take a moment to admire each dish as it lands on your table. You might even want to snap a few photos for the ‘Gram to remember your meal forevermore.

Don’t forget to browse the wine list, cocktail offerings, and other drinks to round out your meal perfectly. The bartenders don’t skimp on the flourish either, allowing you to quench your thirst in style. Prefer to keep it alcohol-free? They can do that, too.

You absolutely cannot miss out on the:

Lobster and Crab Stack
To kick off your meal with seafood goodness in every last bite, go with the Lobster and Crab Stack. This dish begins with Kona cold lobster prepared on the grill. Then, they create their Dungeness crab salad plus avocado mousse. After that, each item gets layered over the next to create a mile-high tower of amazingly bright flavors.

For a truly romantic dinner for two, get the 16-ounce Chateaubriand. This dish begins well before you arrive as the chefs put the Big Island bone marrow into the oven to slow roast to perfection. When you order it, then pull out a huge 16-ounce piece, and then put it on the plate along with Brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes.

Jidori Chicken
For an upscale take on a true classic, treat yourself to the Jidori Chicken. To create this dish, the chef puts a flavorful rub on the chicken and then tosses it into the smoker. As that cooks, they prepare the Kekela sunchoke and spicy Kamuela green beans. As soon as that’s plated up, pan jus goes over it all to bring the flavors together.

Aim to save room in your belly for dessert – or risk missing out big time. From the Coconut Tarte to Strawberry Shortcake, their sweet treats promise to exceed your wildest dreams. Need to keep wheat out of the equation? Just order up the German Chocolate Cake for a flavor experience to remember.

Insider Tips:
-You can book your reservations online or simply give them a call.
-Although you might want to keep it all to yourself, the Macadamia Nut Toffee Ice Cream Pie is built to serve two.