Kamana Kitchen – Hilo

Kamana Kitchen – Get Home-Cooked Indian Cuisine Served with a Smile in Hilo
The Bottom Line:

When you need a little home-cooked goodness in your life, settle in at Kamana Kitchen for an amazing meal. At this popular Hilo eatery, they handmake their ultra-delicious Indian fare using high-quality ingredients and traditional recipes. Then, they serve all their creations with a smile to ensure you feel right at home in their eatery.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Whenever you’re craving home-cooked Indian cuisine, you just need to grab a table at Kamana Kitchen in Hilo. Located in the Hilo Shopping Center, this popular eatery only uses the highest quality ingredients and traditional recipes to create each dish. Every item comes out of the kitchen with bright, bold flavors in every bite as a result, ensuring you’re always wholly satisfied with your meal. On top of that, they go all out to make you feel right at home by offering friendly service you can count on.

While you’re definitely welcome to order your meal as carry out, it’s best to enjoy everything right onsite if you can. Their warm, inviting dining room serves as the perfect spot to enjoy a family-style meal. Plus, their servers are always happy to do all they can to ensure you have a memorable dining experience. Their dishes are built for sharing, too, which is a whole lot easier with your whole crew chilling together at one table.

If you decide to eat in-house, you’ll need to choose between their classic booths or open tables. Dining with a large group? Ask if you can push a couple of tables together to ensure everyone can enjoy the full spread. After you get seated, order up your appetizers to kickstart your meal. As you sample their expertly made apps, pour over the menu to build out a winning meal. Then, get your order into the kitchen, so they can whip up whatever you’re craving with flair. Just remember to order extra plain and garlic naan to elevate your meal even more.  

Every last menu item will come out to your table in huge portions and smelling absolutely decadent. Although they have a utilitarian approach to plating, their presentation invites you to dig in and enjoy your selections to the fullest. You can split your main entrees with your tablemates – or keep them all to yourself if you cannot give up a single bite. Either way, you’re sure to have plenty left over for later.

Definitely sample their:

Meat Samosa
The Meat Samosa lets you dive right in to deep fried excellence bursting with flavorful fillings. When you order this appetizer, the chef mixes up a filling made from meat and peas elevated by bold herbs and spices. Then, they put the filling in a light pastry shell and deep fry them until golden brown. You get two per order, so keep that in mind while treating your whole group to these awesome starters.

Paneer Tikka Masala
If you want to enjoy pure cheesiness in every last bite, treat yourself to the Paneer Tikka Masala. This dish starts with their homemade cubed cheese that’s sautéed to perfection in traditional spices. Then, once that’s almost done, they add their classic tomato and cream sauce to bring it all together.

Mixed Grill
Can’t decide what to order? Get the Mixed Grill for a taste of all their most popular dishes. This entrée comes with tandoor shrimp, chicken, and lamb to start. Alongside that, they add their marvelous Seekh Kebab that’s been marinated in yogurt, herbs, and spices until tender and full of flavor.

Although it’s easy to fill up on all their home cooked deliciousness, do your best to save room for dessert. Otherwise, you might miss out on traditional delights, like Gajar Halwa, a wonderfully sweet carrot pudding topped with nuts. Want to keep things simple? Finish off your meal right by ordering a scoop of their homemade Pistachio or Mango Ice Cream.

Insider Tips:
-They close up for two hours after lunch to prepare for dinner service.
-Want to celebrate your next special event at their restaurant? Ask about their birthday parties, anniversary dinners, and more.
-If you’re not a big fan of spicy fare, skip the hottest spiciness levels.
-Locals and students can get a discount on their meal by showing their ID.