Napua at Mauna Lani Beach Club

Napua at Mauna Lani Beach Club – Enjoy Farm-to-Table Island Cuisine Along the Makaiwa Bay
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

When nothing else will do but farm-to-table goodness made using fresh, local ingredients, Napua at Mauna Lani Beach Club is the place to go. Set along the Makaiwa Bay, this waterfront eatery offers breathtaking views plus live music while you dine. Their friendly service completes the picture of perfection, treating you to a truly memorable dining experience.

- The Local Expert Team

Do you want to enjoy farm-to-table island cuisine made using the freshest local ingredients around? If so, you definitely need a trip to Napua at Mauna Lani Beach Club in your life. With their location along the Makaiwa Bay, this eatery lets you enjoy breathtaking oceanfront views as you dine in style. On top of that, they offer friendly service to all – and regularly bring local musicians to play for their valued patrons.

Although their waterfront location sets the stage for an amazing meal, the real magic lies in their exquisite ingredients. Many of their items come straight from their own farmlands, the Kaunamano Farm. On their land, they raise organic Berkshire pigs plus grow tons of fresh fruit and veggies for their patrons to enjoy. Want a taste of all they grow? Look for the ‘#NaturalLeeGrown Entrees’ section on the menu for items made exclusively from their goods.

The rest of their ingredients come from local ranchers, farmers, and fishermen from all over the Big Island. Their menu changes depending on what’s in season, ensuring that only the freshest ingredients go into each dish. Then, they use their culinary expertise to transform the ingredients into tasty masterpieces, like their decadent Chicken Confit. They don’t stop there either. Every last item lands on the plate with artistic flair, so your dishes always look as good as they taste.

Completing the fine dining experience is the gorgeous waterfront setting and friendly service from start to finish. Cozy tables fan out across their upscale indoor dining room, surrounded by exposed rafters, pendant lights, and ceiling fans. Then, to take full advantage of their waterfront setting, even more tables spill out onto the patio. But no matter where you land in their restaurant, you’re sure to enjoy the sights, sounds, and scent of the ocean beyond.

You can count on your server to roll out the red carpet, too, whether you dine inside or out. Warm welcomes come your way instantly, followed by attentive service all throughout your meal. All you have to do is say the word and your server will honor your requests in an effort to perfect your dining experience.

Popular items on their menu include:

The Lychee Cosmopolitan
When you want to sip on tropical flavors to remember, get The Lychee Cosmopolitan. Their talented mixologists make this drink by blending together Grey Goose and Soho. Then, they add a splash of cranberry juice before dropping a lychee garnish right on top.

‘Nduja Toast
To whet your appetite with farm-to-table deliciousness done right, get the ‘Nduja Toast. This starter begins well before you arrive as the chefs expertly season and smoke Kaunamano Farm pork. Once it’s perfectly tender, they whip it into a wonderful spread and put it on Kulina Lani black sourdough bread. Beer-infused mustard gives it an extra kick at the end, as do the house-pickled veggies.

Fresh Catch Sandwich
If you’re craving all the best ocean flavors, you cannot go wrong with the Fresh Catch Sandwich. They make this dish by grilling the local catch of the day until light and flaky. After that, they put it on a Mamane Bakery bun along with lettuce, tomato, and onion. Tartar sauce goes on top right before serving to elevate the flavors even more.

Live music fills the air on the regular, often starting just in time for the sunset. So, even if you’re done with your meal by that time, stick around for the show. You can order dessert from their ever-changing menu of sweet treats. Or get a tropical cocktail, draft brew, or glass of wine to sip on while you soak in the beautiful tunes – and the view to match.

Insider Tips:
-They close their doors for an hour after lunch to prepare for dinner service.
-Definitely book a table well ahead of your trip or risk missing out on dining perfection, especially if you want to chill here during the sunset hour.
-The wind often picks up along the edge of the patio. So, sit closer to the dining room if you want to avoid battling against the swift breeze.