Big Island Top Dogs

Big Island Top Dogs – Swing by for Imaginative Local Grinds in the Heart of Hilo
Local Expert's Rating:
5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Imaginative local grinds are the name of the game at Big Island Top Dogs. Come by this Hilo eatery to get your fill of plate lunches, burgers, and hotdogs, of course. Just don’t forget to pile on their amazing sauces, like wasabi furikake aioli, hickory bacon mustard sauce, and sweet chili aioli.

- The Local Expert Team

Big Island Top Dogs is the place to go in Hilo when you want stick to your ribs deliciousness on the double. Their imaginative local grinds come out in huge portions, absolutely bursting with flavor. Then, they take it all to the next level with their monster sauce list, featuring garlic aioli, lilikoi mustard sauce, and avocado sauce.

If you want to experience all they have to offer, you have to time your visit for fairly early in the day. They only keep their doors open until just after the lunch rush, after all. Despite their relatively short hours, they never have too long of a line, mostly because they work fast enough to stay ahead of it. As they boogie through the creation of each order, they never skimp on quality nor forget to send plenty of aloha your way.

In fact, the staff aims to put their bright aloha spirit at the center of all they do. They’re proud to serve as the top spot for delicious local grinds, always going above and beyond to leave each patron wholly impressed. You can count on them sending a warm welcome your way as you walk through the doors. Then, they go well beyond that by learning their clients’ names and culinary preferences.

After that, the team puts their effort into building big flavor in every last dish. They make each item to order using quality ingredients, and then plate them up for your immediate enjoyment. You can get yours in eco-friendly takeout containers to go or classic paper-lined trays perfect for eating on site.

Their bistro-style dining room has room for all, boasting a chill aesthetic designed to set the stage for an amazing meal. Plus, it’s air-conditioned, so you can get a break from the heat while you fuel up for more Big Island adventures.

Swing by to sample the:

Spudzilla Potato Wedges
A definite fan favorite, the Spudzilla Potato Wedges offer a chance to enjoy their many sauces to the fullest. They make this popular dish by piling cheese, bacon, and mushrooms on top of French fries. Then, they add sour cream, chives, crispy fried garlic, and garlic aioli over the top.

Feeling Sheepish Dog
Whenever you order the Feeling Sheepish Dog, you just know you’re going to go on a wild flavor journey. This dish starts with local free-range lamb sausage in your choice of bun. House sauerkraut goes over the top of the dog next, followed by pickled onions, feta cheese, and rosemary garlic aioli.

Smokey and the Bandit Burger
The Smokey and the Bandit Burger never fails to impress with its rich smokiness and spicy kick in every last bite. This creation starts with an Angus burger popped on the grill until perfectly done. After that, they put it on a bun with smokey chipotle ketchup and hickory bacon mustard sauce. Shredded cheese lands on top next before the bacon bits cover it all up. Crispy jalapenos come through at the end to bring it all together.

If you want to serve as the master of your own destiny, try your hand at building your own burger or hotdog. You just have to select the base for your creation, choose a bun, and then add toppings and condiments galore. They allow you to add as many condiments as you want, but each topping is an extra charge. Want to take your meal to the next level? Get the Chili & Cheese Nachos for a bit more.

Insider Tips:
-Don’t forget to check their chalkboard for the specials of the day before you put in your order.
-Want to change things up? Just ask to add your own sauces and toppings to their premade creations.
-Planning a birthday party or other special occasion? Ask about renting their dining room for your event.