The Coffee Shack

Tasty Brunch and Jaw-Dropping Views at The Coffee Shack
The Bottom Line:

Come to The Coffee Shack for the coffee, brunch, and desserts and stay for the view of Kealakekua Bay and 26 miles of the coast. Whether a stop on your way to Volcano National Park or a destination itself, you shouldn’t leave the Kona Coast without a trip to The Coffee Shack.

- The Local Expert Team

High on a mountain slope surrounded by coffee trees, The Coffee Shack draws tourists and locals for fresh coffee, great brunch dishes, and amazing views of Kealakekua Bay. You can see a full 26 miles of the Kona coast on a clear day. The view itself is worth the trip, but the food keeps bringing people back for repeat visits.

The Coffee Shack started in the 1930s as a small housing facility for locals who picked coffee from the trees in the area. Later, the building transitioned into a roasting and processing facility for the locally harvested Kona coffee. By 1985, the restaurant and gift shop opened with the addition of the iconic porch on the building. Today, the same great food and coffee that attracted visitors to the National Parks further up the mountain continue to satisfy customers.

The food on the menu includes a variety of lunch and breakfast favorites. However, many people visit to simply have Kona coffee and one of the homemade desserts while enjoying the view. The casual vibe of the restaurant allows people to linger over their meals or to relax and chat while having coffee and meals. Expect to wait a while for a table during the busiest times.

Try some of the great dishes below that you’ll find on the menu at The Coffee Shack:

Macadamia Nut Pie
If you’ve had pecan pie and love its rich, savory-sweet flavor, you’ll find Macadamia Nut Pie a must-order dessert from The Coffee Shack. The macadamia nuts have a deeper flavor than pecans, giving this pie a unique flavor that pecan pie cannot match. Try a slice at the restaurant with a cup of 100% Kona coffee or take some with you to enjoy later.

Papaya Special
Fresh fruit is a staple of the islands, and the Papaya Special brings the bounty to your brunch. The star of the entree is half a papaya filled with fruit and topped with coconut and lilikoi yogurt. It comes with scrambled eggs and sweet coconut pound cake. This dessert will satisfy your sweet tooth while giving you a full serving of fruit, so you don’t have to feel guilty to indulge.

Ono Eggs Benedict
The Ono Eggs Benedict uses the restaurant’s famed Hollandaise sauce that it tops its regular Eggs Benedict with. However, instead of Canadian bacon, your dish comes with ono fish, capers, and grilled onions. The rich pairing of the fish and capers gives a hint of another traditional breakfast, bagel, and lox. The Hollandaise sauce has a perfect blend of lemony creaminess and pairs perfectly with the eggs and ono fish. Try this for an upgraded variation on traditional Eggs Benedict that maintains the classic flavors with a twist.

French Toast
Most restaurants use plain bread for their French Toast. At The Coffee Shack, the kitchen starts this brunch favorite with its Luau Bread. This bread combines the flavors of macadamia nuts, coconut, carrots, and pineapple. You can also order this bread with sandwiches for a sweet twist on your savory lunch sandwiches.

Thick slices of this specialty bread get dipped into batter and pan cooked. A sprinkling of powdered sugar tops off the French Toast for a flavor that you won’t experience anywhere else. This filling breakfast reminds some of the bread pudding thanks to the density and sweetness of the bread and batter.

Visit The Coffee Shack for great views of the Kona Coast and even better food and coffee.

Insider Tips:
-Make this your rest stop on the way to Volcano National Park. It’s a popular brunch spot along the route to the park.
-Watch the jelly containers on windowsills to see geckos stroll up for a snack, which also provides a treat for diners who get to see them.
-Angled, head-on parking spots in front of the restaurant are easier to enter if you come from the southbound side of the road. Use caution when backing out because you will do so right onto the lanes of the highway.