The Original Donkey Ball Store

The Original Donkey's Ball Store - Delicious Chocolates With A Silly Twist!
The Bottom Line:

The Original Donkey's Ball Store is a lighthearted chocolate shop located on the west coast of Big Island. Visitors are more than welcome to choose chocolate-covered treats from a long line of products, including Goat Balls, Donkey Balls, Chickin Balls, and more. Buy some snacks in person at their storefront location, or order online to have treats sent directly to your door!

- The Local Expert Team

For chocolate lovers around Hawaii, The Original Donkey’s Ball Store is the perfect place to sit back, relax, and have a hearty laugh! This silly stop sells chocolates all over Big Island, and with a centralized location near the West Coast, it makes for the perfect stop on any vacation.

The Original Donkey’s Ball Store got its start several years ago, when one of the owners began making delicious fruits, nuts, and peanut butter snacks encased in Guitard chocolate. It didn’t take long before the trend grew far and wide, attracting hundreds of visitors every year. The owners quickly bought a storefront and factory location in Kealakekua, and the rest is history.

The Original Donkey’s Ball Store has expanded its roster of flavors to include all new varieties. Today, there are dozens of different types to choose from, from cheesecake flavored ‘Chickin Balls’ to coconut chocolates, coffee chocolates, and more. Each of these options comes with its own clever name, including an atmosphere of levity and irreverence that will get the whole family laughing. Feel free to sample your favorite flavors, then grab a sack for your balls on the way out!

One of the most exciting parts of visiting The Original Donkey’s Ball Store is taking a tour of the neighboring local chocolate factory. During certain hours, the manufacturing plant will be open for outside visitations, with displays of chocolate creation, formation, and packaging. Time your visit just right, and you may be able to see master chocolatiers at work!

There is a wide variety of chocolate flavors available to local visitors:

The Original Donkey Balls
As the flavor that put this store on the map, visitors are always encouraged to take home a bag of Original Donkey Balls! Creamy milk chocolate is carefully formed around a toasted macadamia nut, then rolled in light powdered sugar to prevent sticking. It’s the perfect treat for those with a sweet tooth!

Monkey Balls
This unique Donkey Ball flavor is covered in a minty exterior, providing a refreshing aftertaste with each bite. Two layers of chocolate are combined to create the perfect set of textures, with milk chocolate and mint white chocolate around a malt ball center.

Boar Balls
What do you get when you cross macadamia nuts and dark chocolate? Pineapple Boar Balls, of course! This special treat is surrounded by a layer of pineapple white chocolate, encased in a generous layer of dark chocolate goodness. This is a great option for fruit-lovers in the family!

Strawberry Cheesecake Chickin Balls
A fan favorite, these creamy treats pair perfectly with a hot mug of coffee. A dark chocolate center is surrounded by a liberal coating of strawberry cheesecake-flavored chocolate. Grab a bag to take home!

If you love a good joke as much as you love authentic chocolates, you’ll fall in love with The Original Donkey’s Ball Store!

Insider Tips:
-If you’re planning on ordering some Donkey Balls online, plan to do it in the winter. The colder weather prevents unnecessary melting, and ensures that your order stays 100% intact! 
-Chocolates aren’t the only treats offered by The Original Donkey’s Ball Store. Other major selections include Kona coffees, meat rubs, and hot sauces, all sourced from local growers. Try out their whole selection to get the full-flavored experience!
-In a hurry to satisfy your sweet tooth? The Original Donkey’s Ball Store also serves coffees and other made-to-order drinks during its open hours. Feel free to drop by for a tasty snack and a Kona coffee!
-The Original Donkey’s Ball Store has a little-known vegan chocolate variety that is perfect for those with specific dietary needs. Be sure to ask some of the on-staff employees for more information.