Kohala Coffee Mill

Kohola Coffee Mill – Pure Deliciousness Made to Order in the Heart of Hawaii
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

At Kohala Coffee Mill, they go above and beyond in serving up truly delightful coffee along with breakfast and lunch fare. Located in the heart of Hawi, this cozy coffee shop lets you soak in the old school ambiance while getting the friendliest service around. On top of that, they make all their items to order using ultra-fresh ingredients and plenty of care.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Are you looking for a great place to sip on freshly brewed 100% Kona coffee and fuel up for more Big Island fun? If so, head on over to Kohala Coffee Mill to get your fill of all the fan favorites. On their menu, they have classic coffee drinks of all kinds, featuring the finest beans sourced from the Kona coffee belt. They make each drink with single or double shots, so you can fine tune the caffeine to suit your needs.

If coffee is not your thing, you can go with organic tea or kick it up a notch with herbal varieties, like Hibiscus Citrus. They also have many excellent non-espresso drinks to consider, including Hot Chocolate, Tea Misto, and Chai Latte. Although their beverages are reason enough to swing by, their food is worth sticking around to try. They serve both breakfast and lunch all day, allowing you to satisfy all your cravings for pure deliciousness on the fly.

No matter what you want to order, you’re welcome to take your items to go, but it’s often best to enjoy them right on location. Their quaint coffee shop boasts an old school Hawaiian aesthetic, instantly transporting you back to a simpler time. You’re welcome to dine inside to enjoy their bright and colorful tropical décor. Or you can grab a seat on the lanai to soak in the sunshine and savor the fresh island air.

If you’re lucky, live music will accent your meal as you chow down onsite. They welcome local musicians to play for their patrons from time to time. The announcements usually come through on Facebook, but sometimes, it’s just a big surprise. Either way, expect to see the musicians come through early in the morning to help everyone start their day off right.

Absolutely sample the:

Dark Side Cortado
If you want to kick your day into high gear, just go with the Dark Side Cortado. This drink has two shots of espresso made from the highest quality 100% Kona coffee beans. Then, they infuse the coffee with coconut oil before adding four ounces of steamed milk. A hint of dark chocolate and vanilla go in at the end to add even more depth.

The Works
If you like your bagels fully loaded with fresh flavors, you cannot go wrong with The Works. You’ll need to start your order by choosing between all their bagel flavors, although the everything bagel is best. Then, they will spread on the cream cheese and homemade pesto before piling tomato, red onion, and local greens on top. 

Burrito Melt
With its zesty flavor profile, the Burrito Melt promises to tantalize your tastebuds from the first bite through to the very last. To create this popular dish, they take their locally handmade flour tortilla and pile black beans, chicken, and cheddar cheese in the middle. After that, they add corn salsa and cilantro dressing before rolling it up tight, and then popping it on the grill. Once it’s melty and hot, they plate it up and deliver it tableside in a hurry.

If you want to finish off your meal with a sweet treat to remember, ask about their Tropical Dreams ice cream flavors. They’ve been serving this locally-made favorite for decades and always strive to get new flavors in house. You can get your preferred flavors in a cup or cone. But, just be prepared to eat them quickly because they often melt fast.  

Insider Tips:
-If they need to close up shop early, they’ll usually post a notice on social media.
-Need to fill up your water bottles for your adventures ahead? Just pay a small fee to use their purified water bottle refilling station.
-They do not have their own bathrooms available. But you can go to the shops next door to use their restroom.