Brown’s Deli

Brown's Deli – Serving Ultra-Quick Brekkie and Lunch Fare to Eat Beachside Along Pauoa Bay
The Bottom Line:

When you’re looking for quick breakfast and lunch fare, set your sights on Brown’s Deli. Located near the pool at Fairmont Orchid, this quaint shop serves all your fan favorites fast, allowing you to enjoy a delightful meal on the beach along Pauoa Bay.

- The Local Expert Team

Whether you want to start your day off right or get energized for more Big Island adventures, you cannot go wrong with a trip over to Brown’s Deli. Conveniently located near the pool at the Fairmont Orchid resort, this little shop serves up just what you want on the double. Then, you can go enjoy all your selections by the pool or right at the beach along Pauoa Bay.

For the most part, this little deli serves resort guests their morning meals and stays open through the lunch rush. But even if you’re not staying in their hotel, you’re welcome to stop by for a bite to eat in between your adventures. Either way, you’ll find grab-and-go fare galore plus coffee, tea, and other beverages made to order. Their items are meant to serve as a quick pick-me-up whenever you want to fuel up for a day of fun.

That said, their staff will happily doctor up your items upon request. Want your banana bread heated up? Just ask them to put it in the oven for a few minutes to get warm and toasty. Prefer additional toppings on your pizza? They’re happy to make that happen as well. If you just want to grab a few items as-is and hit the road with the quickness, that’s okay, too. You’re the master of your brekkie and lunch destiny anytime you come to this shop.

Once you get what you’re looking for, take your items over to the beach to enjoy the views while you eat. You’re welcome to sit by the pool as well, but that’s not where to find all the action. By sitting along the oceanside, you can watch all the boogie boarding and more going down on the water. Plus, you’ll get to see the beauty of Pahoa Bay in all its glory backed by the open ocean beyond.

Top-notch menu items include:

Coconut Delight Frappe
When you want to kick your day into high gear while going big on the tropical flavors, get the Coconut Delight Frappe. Always made with freshly brewed coffee, this frozen drink promises to cool you down while leaving you fully energized. The bright coconut flavors stand out from the coffee, allowing you to savor paradise in a whole new way.

Ham, Egg, and Cheese Croissant
The Ham, Egg, and Cheese Croissant promises to tantalize your tastebuds from the first bite through to the last. They assemble this sandwich on a fresh-baked croissant, starting with an egg how you like it. Then, they add cheese over the egg before ham underneath to create your perfect breakfast fare.

Grilled Veggie Wrap
For a truly delicious lunchtime treat that you’ll feel good about eating, get the Grilled Veggie Wrap. To create this dish, they grill in-season veggies until perfectly tender and then put them in a tortilla. After that, fresh greens join the party before it all gets wrapped uptight. Pesto lands alongside at the end to bring all the flavors together just right.

Although it’s lacking all the bells and whistles, their shave ice can satisfy your sweet tooth in a pinch. They keep it simple by putting your syrup flavors of choice over a big scoop of shave ice. There’s no ice cream or azuki beans at the bottom or mochi, jelly, or even snow cap over the top. But it’s still light, refreshing, and super delicious, especially when you want to cool down fast while enjoying the ocean views.

Insider Tips:
-The long line for breakfast starts as soon as they open their doors. So, arrive early or be prepared to wait it out.
-If you’re staying at the resort, streamline your deli visit by having your bill charged to your room.
-They do not have any indoor seating, so be prepared to enjoy your selections outside.
-Get the thermos mug on the first day of your trip, and then come back for free regular coffee refills throughout your stay.