Aloha Mix Food Truck

Aloha Mix Food Truck – Serving Naalehu Classic Big Island Eats with a Smile
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5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Self-proclaimed ‘Southernmost Food Truck in the USA,’ Aloha Mix Food Truck proudly serves Naalehu all the Big Island classics with a smile. From Acai Bowls to Garlic Butter Shrimp, every last menu item is as good as the last, too. Cozy outdoor seating with games on the lawn completes the dining experience beautifully.

- The Local Expert Team

Set in the heart of Naalehu, Aloha Mix Food Truck proudly proclaims that they’re the ‘Southernmost Food Truck in the USA.’ And they take that designation seriously by serving up all the best Big Island eats. Pitaya Bowls. Lava Shrimp. Fruit Smoothies. You name it, and they’ve got it. For a little surf and turf magic, they also have steak and pork chops available to pair with your shrimp.

To get a taste of all they have to offer, you just have to look for their café and truck park right next to Naalehu Park. Although they’re far from busy tourist areas, you can usually expect to see at least a few patrons waiting to order inside the café building or nearby enjoying their meals. Even if there’s not a line, take a moment to browse their entire menu to avoid missing any deliciousness in your midst.  

Once you know just what to get, wait your turn to go up to the front counter and then put in your order with their crew. You’ll undoubtedly get warm alohas and smiles all around upon reaching the counter, helping set the stage for an amazing meal. Their team loves to serve up all the fan favorites to their loyal patrons and tourists alike. If you have any questions about their menu items, just say the word, and you’ll get to learn all about their ingredients, recipes, and more.

After placing your order, find a cozy spot on the lawn to kick back and relax while you wait. Or scope out their lawn games and see what you might want to play after eating. As far as seating goes, they have a couple of tables set up, but many patrons like to simply park themselves on the grass for picnic-style eating. Shady spots are hard to come by, though, so take your food on the road if you need to stay out of the sun while you eat.

When your order is ready, you’ll pick it up at the food truck window, not inside the café. Then, you’re welcome to leisurely enjoy your meal and stick around for lawn games for however long you’d like. During their downtime, their crew may even come out to play a round or two with you.

Swing by to try their:

Pitaya Bowl
When you want a sweet treat that’s healthy, too, treat yourself to a Pitaya Bowl. This dish starts with blended dragon fruit as the base. Over that, they add banana slices and fresh blueberries. Then, they dd their signature granola, drizzled with local honey and sprinkled with cracked hemp seed and bee pollen. Extra toppings, like macadamia nuts, chia seeds, and fresh lilikoi, are available for an additional charge.

New York Surf & Turf
If you arrive with a big appetite, don’t miss out on a chance to savor the New York Surf & Turf. A true classic, this dish starts with New York steak and large shrimp seasoned and grilled to perfection. After that, they put it on a plate with two scoops of jasmine rice and a tossed green salad on the side. The passionfruit salad dressing elevates the flavors even more and makes a great dipping sauce for the steak and shrimp.

Lemon Pepper Shrimp
The Lemon Pepper Shrimp is the way to go when you just want to nosh on all the best ocean flavors. This dish features several large shrimp grilled up just right in a drizzle of olive oil. Once they’re done, the shrimp get tossed in their lemon pepper butter for a citrus kick to remember. Jasmine rice and a fresh green salad with passionfruit dressing come alongside.

If you want to sample their dishes, but don’t have a big appetite, consider ordering a half plate. Their most popular items come in half portions, so you can just get a snack on the go or pair them with an acai or pitaya bowl.

Insider Tips:
-There’s no parking anytime on the street in front of the food truck. Either go to the park next door or loop around behind their lot to find a parking spot.  
-Want your shrimp plate a little saucier? Just let them know. They’re also happy to decrease the amount of sauce if you prefer.