Ola Brew

Visit a Working Craft Brewery and Restaurant in Kona at Ola Brew Taproom
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4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Support local Hawaiian growers and workers while enjoying high-quality craft brews and food at Ola Brew Taproom in Kona. At this working craft brewery, experience a range of tasty and creative brews with comforting, simple meals.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

At Ola Brew Taproom in Kona, you will discover a working craft brewery that also serves up delicious dishes from its restaurant kitchen.

Ola Brew starts with island-grown ingredients to support local farmers. They also are an employee-owned company to uplift workers. While visiting most local establishments in Hawaii supports the local economy, a trip to Ola Brew will help you do the most for residents of the islands. Plus, you get to enjoy creative beers and ciders when you visit.

The stars of Ola Brew Taproom are the beers, seltzers, and ciders. Local ingredients shine, especially in fruit-flavored drinks. When visiting, you have the option to order half-sized, four-ounce glasses. These let you create a personalized flight of drinks to sample more options than if you ordered full glasses.

The restaurant menu itself features simple, yet flavorful gastropub food, such as tacos, fries, and flatbread pizza. These dishes let you fill your stomach without overwhelming the taste of the beers and ciders you try.

Sample some of the following top dishes and brews from Ola Brew Taproom:

Lilikoi Lime Milkshake IPA
The Lilikoi Lime Milkshake IPA combines the flavors of passionfruit and lime with a milky taste. This blend of flavors has a distinctive yellow-orange color and subtle fruit flavors. It’s an unexpected favorite of many who try this unusual brew. Make sure to add it to your flight if you want to sample several of the craft beers and ciders from Ola Brew Taproom.

Kona Gold Pineapple Cider
The Kona Gold Pineapple Cider is one of the canned options that Ola Brew distributes to restaurants and stores across the Islands. However, you can sample this cider at the Taproom, too, when you try other brews. This fruity cider is full of slightly sweet pineapple flavor with a crisp aftertaste. If you want an ultra-dry cider with more sparkle, sample the White Pineapple Cider, which has more bubbliness than the Kona Gold Pineapple Cider. Or try both together and decide for yourself which you prefer.

Grapefruit Double IPA
If you avoid double IPAs for the harshness of the alcohol, don’t be afraid to try the Grapefruit Double IPA. This beer from Ola Brew uses grapefruit juice and zest to add a freshness to the brew and lighten its flavor. You still can smell the dry hops and enjoy a refreshing, juicy mouthfeel when you drink this beer. Several visitors mention this as their standout drink when they sample flights of IPA from the brewery.

Pork Taco
For an extra spicy snack to go with your brew, try a Pork Taco. You get one per order, which allows you to mix and match the Pork Taco with other options to create a larger taco plate or enjoy an appetizer. The pork taco uses ground, seasoned pork on a corn tortilla. It includes toppings of pico de gallo, chopped green onions, Cotija cheese, and extra-spicy macadamia nut salsa macha. This final topping is a Veracruz-based salsa that combines oil, peppers, and nuts for a spicy topping that provides a refreshing alternative to tomato-based salsas. Don’t miss trying one of these tacos. They have even been said to surpass the pork tacos in Los Angeles.

Visit Ola Brew Taproom in Kona for the chance to sample some of the most creative locally made brews around and great gastropub food from the kitchen.

Insider Tips:
-Keep up with events at the brewery by following Ola Brew on social media or signing up for the newsletter.
-Very small parking lot but you will find plenty of street parking.
-Kids are welcome as long as they don’t sit at the bar.
-Ola Brew Taproom does not serve food every day. Visit weekends if you want to enjoy food with your brews.