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It’s all about clean eating at Mama's Echo Kitchen in Pahoa, Hawaii. Everything on the menu is plant-based, local first, organic, and healthy. Mama Echo, as the culinary artist is fondly called, is dedicated to providing her customers with delicious, nutritional meals to go.

- The Local Expert Team

It’s all about mind, body, spirit, and clean eating at Mama’s Echo Kitchen in Pahoa, Hawaii. Everything on the unique menu is plant-based, organic, and healthy. Mama Echo, as the culinary artist is fondly called, is dedicated to providing her surrounding neighborhood with delicious, good-for-you meals to go. She creates dishes that are not only over the top healthful, but they are extremely beautiful. They are colorful, vibrant, and totally different from what you might expect. Her plant-based theme correlates with her lifestyle. Respecting “Mother Earth” and creating balanced food for a balanced life is her theme, and her menu exemplifies this perfectly

If you are in her neighborhood, it’s worth stopping by for a taste. She uses ingredients that are sourced solely right on the Island. Fresh, in-season fruits, vegetables, beans, mushrooms, seeds nuts, sprouts, herbs, and spices she expertly combines to dish up “ono”. Her menu changes from season to season, but one thing remains steady and clear to her customers. Everything is vegan, plant-based protein that has absolutely no animal products. If you’re thinking that this might not be your cup of tea, give it a try. Since the Islands produce such fresh and fabulous ingredients, you might just be pleasantly surprised. And speaking of tea, Mama Echo blends her very own green tea! It’s like a hug in a cup! She also adds this special tea to her famous Joyful Green Smoothie complete with local kale, parsley, apple, banana spiraling, coconut water, nut butter (she makes homemade), and black sesame seeds. The right amount of sweetness and a balanced mix of flavor, texture, and aroma. Simply decadent and delightful.

Mama Echo’s Something Balanced Menu Items:

Mama’s Sandwich
Homemade organic whole wheat bread, organic sprouts, homemade hummus, seared organic tempeh, and local avocado 

Chickpea Curry
Local ulu or purple sweet potatoes, organic chickpea, garden-grown greens, organic coconut milk

Baked Black Bean Falafel Plate
Baked black bean quinoa falafel, organic local sprouts, local vegetables, homemade ginger miso tahini sauce

Seasonal Ulu Pizza
a 10” pizza created from local breadfruit, homemade pizza sauce, seasonal local vegetables, and homemade vegan Parmesan cheese.

Mama’s Chinese Plate
Garlic or ginger sautéed, seasonal local vegetables, sweet and sour organic tofu, and brown rice.

How About Something Nutritional and Healthy on the Side? We say absolutely!

Brownie Bites
Organic dates, peanut butter, cacao powder, walnuts, and local cacao nibs

Vegan Cheesecake With Seasonal Fruit
Organic cashews, local lemons, organic coconut milk, maple syrup, and seasonal fruit.

Homemade Steam buns
Local purple sweet potatoes, organic whole wheat flour, and organic yeast. 

Homemade Gluten-Free Bread
Organic oats, chia seeds, brown rice flour potato starch, sorghum flour whole wheat four, and organic yeast and raw sugar.

Movie Night Organic Popcorn
corn, coconut oil, Hawaiian sea salt, and nutritional yeast

Mama Echo is a mother to two and understands the challenges of staying healthy throughout pregnancy and postpartum times. She has an entire program to help new mothers regain their energy and health including her homemade extremely nutritional Healing Vegan Broth. This house specialty makes everything taste better and makes you feel better, too. Breakfast might include multi-grain porridge with pickled vegetables, a green goddess smoothie, and macrobiotic pancakes.

Lunch might include local ginger and turmeric fried rice, C-recovery vegetable stew, seasonal green soup, and creamy kabocha lentil soup. For the new mom’s sweet tooth, the snacks could include groovy sweet potato brownies, homemade sugar-free granola, and raw bliss bars. Each item on the menu is packed with nutritional and delicious goodness made with love and care by Mama Echo. 

It’s a good idea to call and order at least 24 hours in advance for regular menu items and a week ahead for Post Partum Meal Support. Mama Echo is ready to create something healthy and new just for you!

Insider Tip:
Mama Echo’s Kitchen’s menu is always changing. Find the latest menu and updates on her Instagram account, mama_echo_mana