Gramma’s Kitchen

Gramma’s Kitchen – A Top Spot in Honokaa for Home-Cooked Goodness Every Time
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When nothing else will do but homecooked goodness served with aloha, you need to treat yourself to a trip to Gramma’s Kitchen. At this beloved Honokaa eatery, grandma herself, warmly known as Vovo, uses traditional Portuguese recipes to build bold flavor in every bite. Then, the team elevates every meal by treating all their patrons like a valued member of their warm, welcoming family.

- The Local Expert Team

When you want to kick your day into high gear with homecooked deliciousness, swing on by Gramma’s Kitchen. Led by grandma – lovingly known as Vovo –, this Honokaa eatery always uses traditional Portuguese recipes to whip up each meal. Their commitment to using fresh, local ingredients helps, too, in building bold flavor in every last bite. As if all that’s not enough, they put aloha at the center of all they do, and then treat all their patrons like a beloved part of the family.

Whenever hunger strikes, you’re welcome to call in your order ahead of time if you’re in a hurry. When you do that, they’ll get all your selections ready to hit the road as soon as you arrive. If you want the full dining experience, however, you’re going to want to stick around to enjoy your meal in-house. With that move, you get to sit in their cozy diner-style eatery, revel in all their eclectic décor, and devour your selections as they land on the table.

Since they’re only open until early afternoon, you can expect a rather long wait for a table. During the breakfast and lunch rush, you could end up waiting up to an hour for a seat to open up. Throughout the rest of the day, a 20-minute wait is pretty common. Fortunately, their food is so good that it’s impossible not to scarf down, so their turnover happens faster than you might think. All their food is stick to the ribs delicious, too, so you’ll end up full to the gills well before getting through it all.

If you cannot finish your meal, just ask for a to-go box once you’re full up. Your server will whisk it out right away while sending their bright aloha spirit your way. In fact, they’re always happy to do all they can to make your dining experience the best around. So, don’t hesitate to let them know if you need anything during your visit.

Treat yourself to their:

Vovo’s Fried Rice Omelet
For a unique twist on a true breakfast classic, Vovo’s Fried Rice Omelet wraps their beloved fried rice in perfectly cooked eggs. They make this dish by whipping up three eggs and putting them down in the pan. After that, their fried rice lands in the middle before it’s folded over and cooked to perfection. Want cheese to join the party? It’ll just be an extra charge. Either way, you get your choice of starch, like hashbrowns, plus a side of toast.

1/2 Pound Buffalo Burger
When you want the ultimate in beefy excellence, you cannot go wrong with the 1/2 Pound Buffalo Burger. If you want cheese for an extra charge, just let them know. Otherwise, they’ll just grill up your patty to medium-well, and then put it on the bun with all the fixings. Waffle fries go alongside to beautifully finish up this awesome meal.

Vovo’s Beef Stew Platter
Vovo’s Beef Stew Platter is a warm hug in a bowl, keeping you coming back for more all throughout the year. Their recipe stays a closely guarded secret, but it definitely has veggies, potatoes, and plenty of beef inside. Although it’s quite filling all on its own, you get a side of your choice as well to bring it all together.

If you want to continue savoring their home-cooked goodies well after your visit, call in an order for a pie or cobbler the day before you’re planning to swing by. Since they make every last one to order, they need at least 24 hours in advance to prepare your selections for pickup. Their whole pie offerings change often, but you can usually expect to see Macadamia Nut Cream Pie, Lemon Meringue, and Peach Cobbler. Prefer to leave things to chance? They often have scratch-made pies available to enjoy by the slice. So, definitely leave room in your belly if you want to enjoy a sweet treat after your meal.

Insider Tip:
To avoid the lines while still getting to dine in-house, arrive a few minutes before they open.