Paniolo Sunset BBQ Dinner

Paniolo Sunset BBQ Dinner – A Memorable Experience at the Picturesque Kahua Ranch
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5.0 / 5
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The Paniolo Sunset BBQ Dinner is more than a meal; it’s an event you must experience at least once. This memorable evening will give you a taste of Hawaiian cowboy culture and ranch life through talks, line dancing, live country music, and much more.

- The Local Expert Team

Luaus are not the only form of dinner entertainment. Visit Kahua Ranch for its weekly Paniolo Sunset BBQ Dinner. Almost every visitor who attended this event highly recommends this as a must-do activity when on the Big Island.

When you arrive at the Kahua Ranch shortly before sunset, you’ll have a warm welcome as you enter. The events of the evening include a discussion about Hawaiian ranching to let visitors better appreciate the effort that goes into it. You’ll also get to enjoy live country music, line dancing, horseshoe tossing, souvenir shingle branding, singing, and s’mores roasting. Roping demonstrations add to the festivities.

As you participate in the evening’s activities, you get to watch the sunset over the island. The elevation and surrounding rolling green pastures of the land make sunsets at the Kahua Ranch a rare treat you won’t experience elsewhere.

Kids and adults both love these activities, which also include the family-friendly barbecue buffet dinner.

The food at The Paniolo Sunset BBQ Dinner buffet equals the high caliber of the entertainment. Visitors all have their favorites from the buffet, but everything is delicious. When you go, make sure to try the following standouts:

BBQ Chicken  
You won’t get dry, flavorless chicken at this buffet. Visitors regularly praise this entree option as tender, juicy, and flavorful. Topped with barbecue sauce, the chicken thighs often surpass even the prime rib entrée as the favorite for several guests. One visitor reported the chicken to have been the best tasting they’d ever eaten.  

Papaya Seed Dressing
You have the option to choose from the ranch, balsamic vinaigrette, and papaya seed dressings to top your green salad with tomatoes. Choose the last option for a sweet and fruity addition to your meal starter, especially if you want to enjoy something different than standard ranch or balsamic dressings.  

Macadamia Nut Pie
The dessert offerings depend on what the caterer brings, but everything offered is delicious. Among the favorite desserts of previous visitors is the nut pie. If you see Macadamia Nut Pie, grab a slice for a flavorful dessert that you’ll love. This nutty pie is a sweet and rich cap for a flavorful meal.

Sweet Bread Rolls
The buffet gives you a pair of choices of Hawaiian sweet bread rolls with butter pats to accompany your dinner. Choose from plain or guava. However, previous buffets have included taro rolls instead of guava. These sweet yeast rolls come from the world-famous Punaluu Bakery. Whichever type of roll you choose, you’ll savor the unique flavor of sweet Hawaiian bread rolls.

Let the staff know about any dietary restrictions you have when making reservations because they need to plan food for the buffet. They will try to accommodate you as best as they can. Don’t miss a trip to the Paniolo Sunset BBQ Dinner for an unforgettable experience you will treasure long after you return home from Hawaii. With excellent food, a beautiful setting, and fun activities, this dinner will be a meal you’ll never forget.

Insider Tips:
-Bring cash if you want to have alcoholic beverages. You must pay for beer and wine separately from the buffet, and they take cash only for these.
-Families with young children regularly attend this family-friendly event. Be prepared to enjoy your meal with kids and their parents having fun alongside you.
-Don’t arrive at this event too hungry. They don’t serve the buffet until later in the evening.
-As a catered buffet, the menu may differ from the one posted online. Ask about what the ranch will serve when you book your reservations. If you have dietary restrictions, let the staff know at booking. They will do everything they can to accommodate your needs as long as they have ample notice.